Ontario to take care of own pensions

Premier vows to set up the Ontario Pension Plan, after the feds balk at beefing up CPP...

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says her vow to set up an Ontario pension plan is no bluff to twist Ottawa's arm on enhancing the Canada Pension Plan.

She says she'll forge ahead because the federal government has shut down any discussion about CPP to provide Canadians with a more secure retirement income.

Wynne says the provinces agree that CPP needs to be enhanced, but the Harper Conservatives refuse to listen.

She says sitting back and doing nothing isn't an option because Ontario can't afford to wait for the Tories to come around.

Wynne says the federal Conservatives are also balancing their budget on the backs of Ontarians by cutting transfer payments by $641 million.

She says Ontario pays $11 billion more in federal taxes than it gets back in transfers and services.

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  1. Frankie posted on 12/18/2013 03:28 PM
    Allowing the Liberals to create a new tax makes as much sense as -

    1. Allowing a pedophile to run a daycare
    2. A cannibal to run a restaurant
    3. Bernie Madoff to run an investment fund

    Will this take Ontario Liberal voters to a new level of stupidity?
    1. jm posted on 12/18/2013 03:48 PM
      @Frankie Think of it as deferred welfare
    2. SHIRLEYS_9254 posted on 12/23/2013 03:58 PM
      @Frankie I hope the taxpayer has to vote on this. Just gives the liberals more billions to spend on nothing and wipe of the records
  2. Ernie posted on 12/18/2013 05:38 PM
    Hello Ms Premier...Mcfly !

    You don't need a new pension plan. All you need is to increase the tax free pension deduction amount from the current $2000 per year to $10,000 - Even if Ontario does it alone.

    The current tax system taxes seniors for all pensions received in excess of $2000. All you have to do is waive the tax up to $10,000 per year - its zero on admin fees to do - the trouble is - it will cost the Ontario gov't tax revenue - in other words they will put a pension plan in place as long as THEY don't have to pay for it
    1. contiki posted on 12/18/2013 06:14 PM
      @Ernie As you stated, it will dig into their revenue and we will have to make that up somehow in the form of an additional fee or tax.

      The CPP does need to be enhanced but Ontario going it alone with an Ontario pension plan would put our businesses at a disadvantage to those in the remaining provinces. If it is to be enhanced, then it should be done so at a national level.

      What we should be doing is to get the feds to return our fair share of the taxes collected.
    2. jm posted on 12/18/2013 09:10 PM
      @Ernie many Canadians have a spare $10,000 to invest in their pension plan? Perhaps that`s the reason They rely on government pensions? Why didn`t you factor in the RSP contribution room for those that actualy have money they can spare to pay forward?
  3. john posted on 12/19/2013 11:14 AM
    gee i wounder how much money thay will steal from us now we all know how good the liberals are with money .
    yet another scandal in progress . .
  4. Bob posted on 12/23/2013 06:18 PM
    We gotta get these wacko's out of office ASAP . That ditch pig and the former serial killer look a like have put ontario in a hole we will never get out of! Perhaps it's time to header west , this province is doomed.
  5. Mark7 posted on 12/27/2013 11:06 AM
    Anyone who believes a Lobrano and their lies is stupid.
  6. Lorraine posted on 12/27/2013 08:44 PM
    Is this woman delusional?
    It's absolutely unbelievable that the Liberal government thinks they can save Ontario citizens from themselves!

    Hey, Ms. Wynne, how about not TAXING US TO DEATH, then perhaps the average Ontarian would have some disposable income left over to invest for their retirement years.
  7. MARK posted on 12/28/2013 06:26 AM
    The Liberals just can't resist finding ways to suck money from our pockets. It's a joke to consider that the most corrupt, wasteful, and incompetent provincial government in Canadian history should have the right to manage our pensions.

    Face it Ontario, we have been taken over by the piggy teachers unions who prop up these idiots during elections, and the idiots who fall for the crap they spew from their manipulative mouths.
  8. MARK posted on 12/28/2013 06:42 AM
    WAKE UP ONTARIO - The BULLY teachers and their pig faced greedy unions control this province. They control who is elected and that's LIBERALS. During elections, these pig bully teachers fill liberal election offices with volunteers. They pretend to represent average people through groups like WORKING FAMILIES who actually don't give a crap about real working families. WAKE THE FU@% UP and remember that the teachers in our schools are sucking the life out of this province and if they do not get their way they will gladly throw little Billy under the bus with the rest of us.
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