Best Ways to Avoid Overindulging During Holidays

Weight-loss expert Harvey Brooker says the biggest mistake people make going into the holidays is that they prepare themselves for failure before the food and festivities even begin.

It's the time of year when many throw caution to the wind.  Everywhere you look there is food, alcohol and sweet treats.  But that doesn't mean you should give in to holiday temptation.  Harvey Brooker is Founder and President of Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men, but says his advice for avoiding packing on the pounds during the holidays applies to everyone. 

Brooker says the biggest mistake people make going into the holidays is that they prepare themselves for failure before the food and festivities even begin.

"I mean why do you have to gain weight over the holidays?  There's no reason for doing it.  There are expectations of us when we go to say other people's homes that we're going to eat large amounts of food and do what we did last year.  But if you are a person that's conscientious about your weight and you're a person that doesn't want to run into problems that you have to deal with after New Year's then you might even tell people whose homes you're going to 'you know I really have been careful about watching my intake this year so I'm going to bring something along with me that I can eat and others can eat."said Harvey Brooker.

Brooker says you may want to pick up something like a veggie tray on the way to a party to make sure you have something healthy to munch on.

Another tip is to never go anywhere hungry. 

"It's usually the opposite of what people want to do.  Most people will plan on going there starved and then they start eating the hors d'oeuvres and then it's just a whole evening or afternoon's worth of eating and thousands of calories later they're sorry for it."

Brooker suggests munching on a piece of fruit before heading out to a dinner party or event.

Harvey Brooker says you can also avoid overeating by cutting back on the alcohol.  Try a few alcoholic drinks at the beginning of the night and you're less likely to keep munching on snacks.  As for alcohol, Brooker says you should try to keep it light.  "The things I suggest most of all is to start off with highballs of Perrier or club soda with limes.  Just start off with those.  You're going to have the advantage of filling yourself up on some type of liquid without being inebriated and your resistance of course where food is concerned is going to be higher."said Brooker.

Another important thing to try to keep your waistline in check during the holidays is to do something physical everyday even if it is just a brisk walk in the park. 

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