WATCH: Hudak not trying to win popularity contest as he gears up for potential election

The PC leader says he's focused more on long-term plans for the province

He's been salivating for a chance to sit in the premier's office ever since he lost to the Liberals in 2011.

Now, Tim Hudak is trying to adjust his image to make himself more appealing to voters.

In a sit-down with Newstalk 1010,  the PC leader isn't hiding the fact that he is eyeing the corner office.

Hudak is the first to admit that he had a tough time connecting with voters during the last election but he underlines he's not looking to win a popularity contest. He says he's leaving that up to the NDP and Liberals.

He says he's trying to bring up issues that mean something to people - a strategy that has worked for other party leaders. But he underlines, he's not the same as them. He says he is the only one who has a long term plan.

The PC leader is trying to show his softer side leading up to the election, bringing up family at every opportunity he can.

Hudak isn't hiding that he wants to get to the polls as soon as possible and he's eyeing the Premier's office for his own.

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