Salvation Army band shut out from Union Station

The Globe and Mail reports the organization has been told its brass band is too loud for the busy hub.

While donations this year have dropped, the Salvation Army has been told it can't bring musical cheer to a busy Toronto hub.

According to the Globe and Mail, the organization has been told it can't have its brass band play at Union Station, next to its donation kettles, because it was too loud.

The paper reports that there were complaints coming in about loud music in the station.

The charity has decided not to have any kettles inside the station because the band can't play. 

This year, the Salvation Army's Toronto campaign has collected about $250,000 less than at this time last year. Nationally, their goal is $21-million this year, but they have only raised $14-million.

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  1. Mark7 posted on 12/21/2013 11:07 AM
    An utter disgrace is the people who complained. Shame on them!
  2. Al Bundy posted on 12/21/2013 12:57 PM
    More and more I am getting to dislike the people of Toronto for their selfish attitudes. I have and will continue to donate more to the Sally Ann, as they truly do wonderful work.

    Shame of YOU f'ing rear ends of an anatomy!!!
  3. john posted on 12/21/2013 01:17 PM
    those people who did that are complete morons theres nothing wrong with having a band in a subway play music . surprised the people who did that not get shot .
  4. Mike from the hinterland posted on 12/21/2013 04:46 PM
    Oh my God! What a public relations fiasco. I used to take the GO Train and they played there for years. Tell the little whiny complainers to shut the f... up!
  5. Lynne posted on 12/22/2013 08:06 AM
    The TTC should reinstate the Salvation Army back to their position in front of Union

    Station...these are wonderful, unselfish ppl who have helped millions of ppl over the

    years. Whoever made the decision to remove them should be fired.

    Too loud????? That's ridiculous!
  6. Joe posted on 12/22/2013 08:12 AM
    Turn down the trains!
  7. karen posted on 12/22/2013 04:25 PM
    When there weren't any social services, the kindly Sally Ann was there, turning modest donations into massive giving.
  8. Old Yeller posted on 12/22/2013 09:59 PM
    It's the same people who don't want you to say "Merry Christmas", or have a "Christmas Tree" in public places. It has nothing to do with the loudness of the music. The pity is that the loss of donations means that all people in need, regardless of their faith, will be hurt by this.
    1. Mark7 posted on 12/23/2013 06:03 AM
      @Old Yeller The fact is that Christmas is the historic event of paying homage to the sun gods and winter solstice, I too do not want this pagan event honored under the disguise of having anything to do with worship

      Having said that, no one should have complained against the Salvation Army. They do much needed good work. People are so full of hate these days. :(
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