Toronto Fire getting dozens of carbon monoxide calls

Eleven people have been taken to hospital showing symptoms of poisoning

Toronto Fire officials are sending out an important message because of dangerous ways people are trying to heat their homes in the ongoing outage. 

Fire captain David Eckerman tells Newstalk 1010 that they received 41 calls for carbon monoxide last night alone. 

Eleven people were taken to hospital showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

There were people who were using a charcoal fueled BBQ to heat their space.

Another call was for a gas-powered generator that was in a garage seeping carbon monixide into the home.

Eckerman says there was also a call that involved someone burning furniture in a fireplace. 

He says all of these things should be avoided. 

Here is a full list of safety tips from fire officials: 



Toronto Fire Services offers residents the following tips for staying safe in the aftermath of the ice storm. 

Candle safety
• use a sturdy holder 
• make sure glass shade higher than flame to protect against loose clothing becoming ignited
• position candle away from combustibles
• blow out the flame when you leave the room
• keep lighters, matches and candles away from children

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
• ensure that the batteries are working

• avoid operating propane, natural gas or charcoal barbecues indoors – if not properly vented, using them will create a carbon monoxide (CO) hazard
• ensure that your stove is clear of combustibles and is turned off or unplugged to avoid a fire when the power comes back on
• leave kettles and other small appliances unplugged

• ensure the fireplace screen is in place if burning fuel in a fireplace 
• avoid burning trash or paper in a fireplace, as flaming paper can travel up the chimney and land on your roof 
• provide at least one metre of clearance from combustibles for an electric space heater 
• do not use stove, barbecue or camping gear for heating your home, as they create a CO and burn hazard

Power outage
• do not operate generators inside home, garage, or near windows or vents where exhaust could migrate indoors
• refuel outside and after generator has cooled
• use a flashlight rather than a candle for light

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