Make your home less appealing to robbers post-Christmas

Police advise that you not leave out boxes to big-ticket items you got from Santa

Holidays are time for family, friends and gifts.

Sometimes they're hand crafted coffee mugs from your Aunt Ida and others, a pile of electronics enter your life

It may be a great gift or a spectacular buy you just couldn't pass up but Toronto Police remind to be smart if you're throwing out boxes to big-ticket items: turn them inside out or break them down so the words "65-inch TV" isn't proudly displayed on your lawn.

Cst. Wendy Drummond also suggests staggering things out only putting a piece of a computer box in your recycling per week.

Other ways to keep your home safe: if you go on vacation, get a trusted neighbour to pick up your mail and shovel your driveway to make it seem like you're in town.

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