Mayor calls a special meeting on ice storm

The meeting on January 10th will focus on Ontario's Disaster Relief Assistance Program

Mayor Rob Ford has called a special meeting to discuss the ice storm recovery. 

The meeting on January 10th will focus on getting compensation from the province through the Ontario's Disaster Relief Assistance Program. 

Councillor Josh Matlow had been calling for a special meeting. In an email on Saturday, he said he had begun the process of formally requesting that the meeting be held. 

Municipalities can ask the province to declare a disaster area within 14 working days of the onset of a disaster.

ODRAP would then provide financial assistance within the declared disaster area to restore damaged public infrastructure and private property pre-disaster condition, when the cost of restoration exceeds the financial capacity of the affected individuals, municipality and community at large.

While touring a Toronto Hydro facility Sunday morning, mayor Rob Ford told CP24 that he wouldn't be against asking the province for financial assistance to those who were affected by the storm.

"The city, we're in no position to do that, obviously," says mayor Ford. "I'd love be able to help out [those without power], but I can't guarantee anything. So if the province can do it, that'd be great."

Meanwhile, Richmond Hill councillor Carmine Perrelli is calling on a similar special council meeting in his city. 

"Time is running out for provincial aid," he says in a statement. "ODRAP will allow us to possibly offset residents' cost for recovery as well as the town's cost for damage to any infrastructure."

Perrelli says he initially asked mayor Dave Barrow on Christmas Day to call a special meeting, but the mayor has not done so yet. 

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  1. mpuiu67 posted on 12/29/2013 09:12 AM
    Such a meeting is at least 15 years past due (if nobody believed it could happen at least the Quebec disaster should have put some thoughts in our leaders minds). Anyway, after all that happened in 2013 it Must take place. this country considers itself one of the world leaders but a rain causes widespread power outages. a freezing rain causes widespread power outages. Our lives are forced into dependency on electricity but there is no guarantee that we can have it when we need it most. if this was a 3rd world country you would expect to "never expect power always" but here... this is happening only because of criminal negligence. when it rains a little too much we have flooded transformers. when it freezes we have frozen limbs falling on lines. the regular aerial lines maintenance should include trimming to safety not aesthetics the trees in the vicinity of the power lines. our transformer vaults should have better drains. new neighbourhood should be fed with buried cables. A tree on the private property should be trimmed by hydro crews if it endangers a power line, at no cost to the property owner.

    it seems that we like to say "it is what it is" and in the aftermath of a disaster we like to praise those who worked to fix what they should have work earlier in the year to prevent and shouldn't have broke in the first place.
    Councillor Paul Ainslie, I don't care what are your constituents going to say but if this proposal is rejected and no action is taken by city to avoid another such disaster , that will prove to me that you are not fit for the position you are occupying. I also hope that the Scarborough residents who probably don't even know you represent them will realize what an error that is.

    Such a meeting should take place and on the agenda there should also be a motion to dismiss Mr.Haines from his current position as CEO and to ensure that an audit is made on how did they (Toronto Hydro) spent the maintenance budget during last few years.
    This disaster was man made by gross negligence.and some people are getting filthy rich on our buck
    1. HP posted on 12/29/2013 09:25 AM
      @mpuiu67 I guess you don't live in an established, heavily treed neighbourhood...the branches that fell on my street took out ALL of the power lines to our houses, about 50 homes will be without power for weeks, back in July we were told that we were lucky that our lines weren't buried because the flood would have shorted them out. Costs more to did them up...and those that want to bury their cables, it's a minimum of $10,000/house. Who will pay?

      Enough with the stupid conspiracy theories...Our infrastructure is old, getting older, and no one wants to pay the taxes required to modernize a 19'th century city...After Ford took over, the city has gone down the toilet, dirty, smelly, traffic gridlock, and city services that truly suck.
  2. Mike from the hinterland posted on 12/30/2013 07:15 AM
    In this area of the country, we should expect wintry weather with snow and freezing rain. In the hinterland where I live, Ontario Hydro used to clear hydro right of ways of trees, branches and brush almost every 1 to 2 years. Now it is every 10 years! Thank God it was this year because we did not loose power in the hinterland, I also buried the hydro line to my house from the hydro pole.

    I believe the meeting is necessary to discuss what can be done to prevent this such as tree maintenance, burying cables and upgrading infrastructure.
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