UPDATE: Toronto Hydro expects all outages to be fixed before Tuesday

Toronto Hydro crews zero in on 'isolated' outages in Scarborough, North York, and East York

By the end of the day Monday, Toronto Hydro had all but 290 customers back on the power grid.

The utility had hoped to have everyone back online by the end of the day, but promised that crews would be working through the night to get the rest of the customers' powers back.

More warming centres are closing and the Mayor says Monday morning's update is the last briefing on the ice storm.

"It is truly remarkable what the people have done in the city to help eachother.  The volunteers, the Red Cross, and the staff from the City.  They've ... given up family time over the holidays ... and not one person complained," Ford says.

Anthony Haines, the CEO of Toronto Hydro, is asking any customer still without power to call Hydro today and let them know so they can figure out whether the problem is on their side or the homeowners side. 

The number is 416-542-8000. 

Haines got emotional talking about the job his staff has done and promises they won't stop until the job is complete.

The leadership team admits there are lessons to be learned from how they handled this crisis but at the moment they don't feel they could have done anything to get the power back on any faster.

There is a possibility of more outages because there are lines that are fragile and with Monday's forecast for most of the Greater Toronto Area calling for winds gusting to 50 kilometres an hour the concern is that it won't take much to bring down more wires.

The Ontario Government, meanwhile, is expected to release details, as early as today on a food gift card program designed to help those most in need to buy groceries to replace what they have lost.  

Premier Kathleen Wynne is directing this primarily at low income residents who just don't have the money to replace what they lost.

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  1. Reg posted on 12/30/2013 09:43 PM
    Well, not for me. Hydro came by last Saturday and cut my wires making a bigger and more expensive mess to clean up. thanks. Looks like I may get it back a week from Tuesday if I'm lucky
  2. DW posted on 12/31/2013 03:47 AM
    Sweet mother of ............ Thankfully no more of those dreary Mayor McBoob updates. I think the Allies have landed in Normandy.
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