TTC fares go up on Wednesday

Fares for tokens and Metropasses go up but cash fares stay the same

Most TTC fares go up on Wednesday.  

On the monthly adult Metropass for example, the cost goes up an extra $5.25.   

Each token will be an extra nickel but the cash fare stays the same.

That has one of the early declared candidates for Mayor scratching his head.  

Former councillor David Socknacki says he'd rather see the TTC's best customers being rewarded by moderating the rate increase and the way to do that would be to put the cash fares up as well.

TTC chair Karen Stintz took a wider view on NEWSTALK 1010 on Monday night.

"I think we do need to start being more thoughtful around how our fares are developed and we need to start thinking about zone fares, particularly when we have Presto implemented, which is a regional fare card," she says.

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  1. Jack posted on 12/31/2013 11:55 AM
    What we need is to roll out automated fare services in every subway station so that we don't have to pay bloated union wages for a half-competent dropout to sleep in a booth all day.

    What we need is to fire every driver caught texting, reading the paper, or breaking any of the other dozen laws they've been caught breaking on the road in the past year.

    What we need is to fire redundant TTC workers when three people are doing one person's job.

    Most of all, what we need is to dissolve any and all unions involved in slowing down the TTC and making it ten times more costly than it has any right to be.
    1. DW posted on 12/31/2013 11:06 PM
      @Jack got it wrong, the half competent dropout is not at the nearby subway stop but he is at City Hall
  2. Justin posted on 12/31/2013 03:32 PM
    Where is this fare increase going? Are we actually going to get improved service, for once, in exchange for this continued gouging?

    I agree with Jack, it's time to start letting heads roll in that bloated workforce. This month, I bought my and my girlfriend's Metropasses at the electronic kiosk; took about two minutes, if not less. Compare that to last month, where I tried to buy them through the booth operator, who proceeded to waste two minutes adjusting his chair before even LOOKING for where he'd left the passes, and threw in a bonus eye-roll when he found out that I don't carry $300 cash with me and would be paying with a card.

    The bloated workforce in the TTC needs to lose some of that useless weight, and FAST.
  3. DW posted on 12/31/2013 11:05 PM
    Yeah maybe they can follow the model set by Mayor McBoob..............pee in the bushes, pick up packages in the toilet of the Husky station, have staff visit the friendly dry cleaning, get into a drunken stupor before their shift, lean on brother, blame everyone................yep TTC workers, just follow the code of conduct of Numero Uno at City Hall, the leader of Ford Pinto Nation
  4. Silvia Clarks posted on 01/01/2014 01:36 PM
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