2014 Municipal Election Campaign Gets Underway

Today is the day that candidates running for mayor and city council can officially toss their hats into the ring.

Today is the day that candidates running for mayor and city council can officially toss their hats into the ring. Beginning January 2nd, nominees can register with the city clerk and will be able to begin raising money for the 10-month long campaign.

So far the only major contender, other than Mayor Rob Ford, to make their intention to run for mayor public is TTC chair Karen Stintz.   Other potential candidates rumoured to take on the current include MPP Olivia Chow and Newstalk 1010’s host of The Live Drive John Tory. 

City Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong is also rumoured to be eyeing the mayor’s seat. 

Mayor Rob Ford is expected to be at the city clerk’s office to register at 8:30a.m. Thursday.

Toronto’s 2014 municipal election is on October 27th

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  1. DW posted on 01/02/2014 09:16 AM
    Wow Doug Ford is back in town! I guess the folks in Ward 2 who endured the power outages could call him at his Florida operations centre or at the label factory.

    The master of bluster was boasting about the Ford miracle when it came unemployment. According to the Councillor for the Sunbelt and his brother the unemployment rate now is 7.5% in T.O. What do know, Statistics Canada reports the November 2013 rate is 8.3%. Do not believe the boasts emanating from west of the Humber.
  2. Peter posted on 01/02/2014 09:21 AM

    Unlike other nonchalant registrants, Mayor Ford shows his seriousness and
    highest interest. It is a statement that he means business.

    The other registrants can take their time and register whenever they feel it's
    convenient for them.

    Good going Mayor Ford.

    Thank you NewsTalk 1010

    1. Rob Ford's Cadillac posted on 01/02/2014 09:38 AM
      @Peter I can't wait until you and Fraud Nation's moronic dreams are crushed.
    2. AC posted on 01/02/2014 12:47 PM
      @Peter outside of licking labels at daddy's company where else would this sociopath get a job?
      No credible organization would ever hire him.
      10 months and the Fords will be no more then we can finally move forward
  3. Karl Burgin posted on 01/02/2014 09:44 AM
    PETER is right....all the serious players who would like to get in the ring, should step up now.
    Ford is a huge threat to all contenders- it will be very interesting as to how they stand, as the months go by.
    1. Karl Burgin's Brain posted on 01/02/2014 02:26 PM
      @Karl Burgin Dear god you people are delusional. And sad. Your chubby poster boy for gangs, guns and drugs isn't going to win in October. Get a grip. And a life.
      Especially you, Karl. Your complete lack of understanding of politics is truly baffling. It would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic. Because of suburban simpletons like you, we had Rob Frod in the first place. To continue to support a criminal, crack smoking moron tells the world more about YOU than about Rob Frod. Find a hobby that involves NOT using your brain for anything meaningful. It's not helping you. Seriously. How
  4. karen posted on 01/02/2014 10:15 AM
    Note to media: Everyone knows all about the drug use two years ago with no apparent job affects and hopes the media will instead hunker down on election issues, which the public would like to hear about. Otherwise, we are going to tune you out. Everyone I know has cut newspapers and tv. Will radio be next?
  5. john posted on 01/02/2014 10:40 AM
    okay so ford is ruing again lets see .

    1 we got a women who has no clue how to run a city ( Karen stinz )

    2 a women who thinks people living in the city has unlimited money ( Olivia chow )

    3 a person who illegally put forward a motion to have ford loose his powers . and form what i hear is the laziest councler in all of Toronto .

    i cant say this enough . we are there bosses it dos work the other way around .
    1. john's mom posted on 01/03/2014 04:08 PM
      @john Repeat in English please.
  6. Mike from the hinterland posted on 01/02/2014 02:01 PM
    Oh my God, 10 to 11 months of campaigning????? When do these people actually govern??? You would think the US Presidential election is being called with its 1-2 years of campaigning. At the Federal and Provincial level, the duration of an election campaign is 6 to 8 weeks. 10 to 11 months for campaigning, you got to be shigdy me!

    10 to 11 months of listening to dweebs and douche bags on talk radio and endless meaningless debates. Get me my ear plugs! The council of the Republic of Toronto should do like they do in the hinterland from where I hail. You have to August to September to register and then October is used for campaigning. Please change this so that we get are money's worth so that these idiots actually govern and not campaign.
    1. Peter posted on 01/02/2014 02:16 PM
      @Mike from the hinterland .
      Thank you for your comment Mike.

      Your comment was sounding good until you called someone "idiots".
      That ruined your whole comment.

    2. Karl Burgin posted on 01/02/2014 03:07 PM
      @Mike from the hinterland "Oh my God, 10 to 11 months of campaigning????? When do these people actually govern??? "

      Well, at least the only good it does, is at least you know where the candidates are coming from...
  7. REALITY BITES posted on 01/03/2014 04:12 PM

    10 months to "Ford-Free Toronto" !!
    1. Mark7 posted on 01/04/2014 08:58 AM
      @REALITY BITES If you think Ford will lose you are fooling yourself. 10 months until Karl and I have a hayday with you lefties. Deal with it.
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 01/06/2014 09:41 AM
      @REALITY BITES You should change your name to FANTASY BITES.

      I don't think you like reality all that much.
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