Friday last chance to get Ice Storm gift certificates in Toronto

If you haven't picked up your gift card yet you have just one more day to get one

If you lost food during the power outages last week and haven't picked up your gift card yet you have just one more day to pick one up.

The Province says they've given away 12,000 cards worth $500,000 in Toronto...and will finish up the Toronto distribution of the cards Friday

A press release issued late Thursday doesn't explain how many more cards will be available for Torontonians

It does go on to say the provinice will be going ahead and help out other municipalities affected by the storm but it doesn't say how or what communities will be helped next.

The gift cards were first made available new years eve day with the help of several grocery chains and the province.

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  1. Walter posted on 01/03/2014 08:26 AM
    "12,000 cards worth $500,000".

    First off, when they first announced the plan is was a $200,000 plan. This means that it is 150% over budget due to poor planning on the governments part.

    Second, that's an average of $42 per card, even though they were giving away cards of $50 or $100. (By definition, the average must be between $50 and $100 depending on the ratio of single people to families). Thus, it seems that they are lying about numbers because the numbers they release are nonsensical.

    I guess this government does NOT know how to plan things properly or know how to tell the truth.
  2. Karl Burgin posted on 01/03/2014 09:18 AM
    In the words of Ben Mercer filling in for Friendly Fire last night, this phrase most accurately sums it up:
    There is no project, no matter how small, that the Liberals somehow manage to f***-up in a big way.

    This illustrates yet AGAIN, the simple exercise of handing out assistance for those affected by the storm, for it to turn into yet ANOTHER screw-up. To those who don't think the Liberals will stop at nothing to get into the spotlight for political gain, take a close look at how this is unfolding, and I dare you to stick to that excuse still.
    This should have been handled by the corporations who donated the money to help. Or this should have been planned with the Food Bank, or Salvation Army, or some other charity organization, who are familiar with the logistics, as to how to execute something like this- as this is what they do everyday.
    But what do we have instead?
    *Kathleen Wynne handing out food baskets- so she can get her ugly mug in front of a camera
    *The Liberals hogging the program, as if it were their idea. So they could get the most publicity and credit
    *When things are starting to go bad (like running out of gift cards, and people starting to get angry), that she trots out some other minister to play damage control

    This is yet another example as to why the Libernos have got to go. This speaks to how the other major screw-ups came to be. And here I was under the notion that $75,000 was donated, and the provincial Libs would match. So according to my trusty calculator, at the max, it should be a grand total of approx. $150,000 of funds available. How did we reach to half a million dollars?!?!?! And where is the extra money going to come from?!?! Oh
  3. Frankie posted on 01/03/2014 11:35 AM
    The cost to the taxpayers will greatly exceed the value of the cards. It probably costs the bureaucracy over $ 1 Million to put their useless plan into effect.

    While Wynne is handing out our taxpayer dollars for those certificates she should remind everyone that for every gift card they've handed out they've "stolen" about $ 10 Million.
  4. DW posted on 01/03/2014 02:03 PM
    All of Scarborough Ford Nation lining up for something free............FREE.........FREE........just like the head of Ford Nation.............wants Fed and provincial money for his subway................wants the province to pay to pick up his broken trees and ancient electrical wiring..............but then turns around and trashes the car tax and real estate transaction taxes...............yep if it is FREE, count on Ford
    1. AC posted on 01/03/2014 02:32 PM
      @DW very good points.
      half of those waiting in line are probably freeloaders scamming at the expense of people who actually needed help but couldn't get it
  5. Karl Burgin posted on 01/03/2014 03:49 PM
    @DW and AC= two nit-wits agreeing on an issue that is as irrelevant to this topic, as night is to day.
    AC may have a point that half the people in line could be scammers trying to get freebie money. But what the heck does it have to do with Rob Ford, or the subway?!?!?!

    You people either need to pick up a newspaper and read it, or get yourself a new hobby and stay away from a keyboard and computer.

    This is all Kathleen Wynne's doing, as a shameless self-promotion for the Liberals, targeted for the projected spring election. What left-wing nut job newspaper were you reading, that you came to the conclusion that this has anything remotely to do with Rob Ford?

    Please, in the future, reading what you want to post out aloud to either yourself, or another sane person, and make sure it makes at least at smidgen of sense, before you hit SUBMIT.
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