Flights resume at Pearson Airport

Blistering cold temperatures snarl activity on the runways at Pearson Aiport

The 'ground-stop order' is now lifted at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.



Pearson International is in a real mess for a second day, a combination of the nasty weather here and elsewhere.

 BUT the good news..arriving flights are now being allowed at Canada's largest and busiest airport.

Earlier this morning, Peel Regional Police were called to Pearson's baggage hall.  Apparently there were about 300 people there waiting for their luggage.

At one point, the flight board showed more than 80 flights were cancelled, and more than a hundred arrivals, were also cancelled.

 The airport officials  put what's called a 'ground stop' into effect.

Planes were not allowed to land, and jets on the ground had to wait for a gate to open to unload passengers who have already boarded.

Pearson tweeted the extreme cold has caused equipment to freeze as well as safety concerns for employees. But the order was lifted at 10:13 this morning.



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  1. Peter posted on 01/07/2014 09:36 AM
    OK, I've had enough of winter.
    I want it to be nice and warm outside, and go for a bike ride,

    - and get sweaty and have a popsicle to cool me off.

  2. john posted on 01/07/2014 10:36 AM
    the problum is that there is not enough hot air coming out of queens park . i guss the liberals are not in the building .
    1. Steve posted on 01/07/2014 10:43 AM
      @john And what would the Right Wing Neo-Cons being doing different if they were in power? They would blame everyone else and go around in circles as if Mother Nature was out to get them.

      And let's not forget, Ford said the ice storm did not require a state of emergency.................???????
    2. john posted on 01/07/2014 11:35 AM
      @Steve it was not a war zone mate it was a ice storm
      our army can be used of more important things like making sure the Russians dont try to take over our territory and thay are trying to do that btw .
    3. john posted on 01/07/2014 11:40 AM
      @Steve i think u forget who gets the bill form the army when it is all said and done . u the tax payer . Toronto would get the one big ass bill if thay did . and thats a wates of money when we can have compenys or workers have a job to make extra money .
  3. john posted on 01/07/2014 12:13 PM
    calling in the army in a ice storm is like

    sending in the marines to cut the grass ..

    sending in S.W.A.T. to walk the dog .

    sending in the hazmat team cause somebody farted .

    sending in the F.B.I . cause a pizza order want wrong .
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