Florida Police to reveal 'new information' in murder of Toronto couple

It's been a year since David Pichosky and Rochelle Wise were found dead inside their condo...

We'll get an update at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning from Hallandale Beach Police on the murders of David Pichosky and Rochelle Wise.

The Toronto couple were found dead in their Florida condo exactly a year ago on Friday.

There still hasn't been an arrest.

The Orlando Sun-Sentinel has reported police are expected to reveal new information and discuss the difficulties surrounding this case.

The family is making their way down to Florida and is expected to be at that press conference.

Police admit the information will be stuff that hasn't been released before.

We do know that robbery has been identified as the motive in the murder, with Wise's 16 thousand dollar wedding ring missing.

Officers have been trying to identify a woman who was captured on surveillance video the day before the bodies were found.

An arrest in the case has never been made.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 01/08/2014 01:06 PM
    I have some faith that the Florida police investigation will turn something up.

    Unlike Mexico.. if this had happened there, the Mexican police would just say it was the young, female Canadian tourist in the next room who was part of the mafia that did it, and close the investigation.

    This is why I would never go to Mexico.. even if I won a free trip there. But with Florida, I've heard that there is a criminal element there that preys on Canadian tourists, because they're easy pickings. So even though I could trust that the authorities there would do a good job in investigating my murder (unlike Mexico), I still wouldn't go there, either. People can't assume that the rest of the world is as safe as Canada. Not even parts of the US.
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