Province will consider ice storm disaster relief requests

But how much funding cities will get is still unknown.

Places like Mississauga and Brampton have already got the ball rolling for ice storm disaster relief assistance from the province and Toronto will be doing so on Friday.

The question that is still having in there air is: will the province give them everything they want?

The Wynne government says it will do its best to work with municipalities but with a tally of $106 million for Toronto alone, NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns is worried everyone won't get all the money requested.

He points to severe flooding in Thunder Bay in 2012, where the municipality received $300,000 after requesting $3 million.

The province says both individual and municipal relief was closer to $5.5 million in that case.

Toronto's number goes even higher when considering the damage from last summer's flood.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs says it will determine if what cities are asking for fit the disaster relief bill. That means Toronto could claim staff overtime because of the ice storm but not lost revenue in places like community centres.

Education Minister Liz Sandals the province hasn't received any requests for funding from damaged schools yet. She says some school boards have contingency money built into their budget in case of extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances.

The Toronto District School Board says as of January 2nd, they've estimated $395,000 dollars in staff overtime. Spokesperson Ryan Bird tells Newstalk 1010 they expect that number to go up. The school board hasn't tallied damages yet but will likely pay for that through insurance and an emergency fund set up in its budget.

The GTA and southern Ontario was pummelled with freezing rain the weekend before Christmas , causing extensive damage to trees, hydro lines and buildings.

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  1. Frankie posted on 01/09/2014 01:16 PM
    The province will "consider" disaster relief requests. After "stealing" over $ 1 Billion of our money they will "consider" returning some of it.

    How utterly generous. Let's all rush out and vote the Liberals in with their largest ever majority.
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