Mayoral hopeful could reopen Scarborough subway debate

Former councillor David Soknacki says he'd consider going back to LRT

An old transit debate may once again be rearing its ugly head.

The city has gone back and forth on whether subways or light rail is the way to go for Scarborough. Right now, the subway is little more than an approved idea.

But mayoral candidate David Soknacki says he doesn't think subways are the way to go in Scarborough.

"I think that what is best for the communities of Scarborough in that area is light rail," he told Newstalk 1010's Mark Towhey.   The former city councillor is familiar with Scarborough - he represented one of the two Scarborough east wards for years.

Soknacki argues in favour of light rail, partly because it will serve more people. "It's more stops rather than less."

He told Towhey that if elected, he would consider going back to the initial plan for an LRT, which would move the project forward.

"All of the agreements are done, all of the studies are done," he says. "That stuff is the closest thing you'll get to shovel-ready."

And because the light rail transit plan is fully funded, he says the city could lower taxes or use that money to fund other transit projects.

"The agreements are there to pay for it."

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  1. Arg0 posted on 01/12/2014 09:49 PM
    It's about time an adult handles Toronto's transit issue.

    In 4 years we've seen Rob Ford and Karen Stintz cancel or reduce TTC service in the suburbs.
  2. Walter posted on 01/12/2014 10:14 PM
    I thought he was trying to shed the image of being associated with David Miller. Now he adopts Millers Transit Plan.

    If he would suggest improvements to Scarborough transit*, then maybe he could get some support.

    * - the best improvement I can think of would be to build the SRT as per Transit City, but connect it with the Eglinton line (elevated through Scarborough) to create a single line from Malverm to Mount Dennis (and eventually the airport). Also, cancel the Sheppard LRT and build the Sheppard subway to Scarborough. All this can be done for the same cost as the current plan.
  3. john posted on 01/13/2014 11:25 AM
    well scene he was in the cabnit of Toronto, s worse mayor EVER . i am not buying what he is selling . he is so full of shit it can fill up the grand canunion 1000 times over .
  4. posted on 01/14/2014 06:40 PM
    Of course, most folks that ride the electric bicycle/tricycle laugh at pubic (sp?) transit. They at least no longer have a "last mile" to walk, or have to wonder when the last bus/subway/streetcar runs. Some may refuse to pay taxes, rather than support such a waste of money. (Currently, one may finance the purchase of an electric bicycle/trike for less than half the monthly cost of a TTC Metropass, and the cost of a full battery recharge? A few cents.)
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