Calls to raise minimum wage from healthcare providers

Doctors and nurses say low wages put people at greater health risks

With the minimum wage frozen at $10.25 an hour, those in the health care system say it's affecting more then people's wallets, it's hurting their bodies as well.

Dr. Gary Bloch of Health Providers Against Poverty suggests the province bring it up to $14/hr.

He says the way things are now, mean those earning minimum wage are at health risks.  

Bloch points to not being able to afford medication, eating cheaper food which can be bad for you and higher risks of developing things like heart disease and diabetes.
Registered nurse in Mississauga Lorraine Telford says MPPs are expressing concerns about impact on business but she says a having a healthy population who can spend money balances things out.

However, Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi wouldn't say the minimum wage would stay as-is, however he also stayed mum on what the game plan is.

The province will be releasing a report on how to adjust minimum wage early this year after public and community consultations. Naqvi says the report will outline a plan to increase minimum wage that's fair and predictable for both employees and businesses.

Naqvi tells Newstalk 1010 he hopes this plan will depoliticize minimum wage, which is often determined by a governing party's political leanings.

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  1. nel posted on 01/14/2014 04:12 PM
    How about meeting employers half way at $12, but with Pharmacare, Dentacare, no taxes under $44,000 (as in the US) and with gov. picking up the tab for CPP and EI contributions. This is doable.
  2. Walter posted on 01/14/2014 09:42 PM
    How about setting a maximum wage (salary) for doctors at $200,000 per year.
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