Mayor Ford responds to being shut out by Premier

Says "your guess is as good as mine" in regards to why Premier won't meet him

Rob Ford says your guess is as good as his when it comes to why the Premier won't meet with him regarding the financial assistance request that council forwarded Monday.

The city is looking for help to pay for damage caused by last month's ice storm, and last July's flood.

Tuesday evening, Premier Kathleen Wynne's spokesman told reporters that the Premier "has and will continue to meet with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly as Toronto Council's representative."

Mayor Ford spoke with NEWSTALK 1010's Joe Warmington on the Late Shift Tuesday, and says all he was looking for was a straight answer.

"I don't play these political games...I meet with everyone and I don't understand why she just doesn't pick up the phone or send me an e-mail and say 'no, I'm not meeting with you,' or 'yes I am, and here's the answer'"

When asked why he thought Premier Wynne didn't want to speak with him, Mayor Ford suggested perhaps it was his connection to the PC's by-election win in Etobicoke-Lakeshore back in August.

Rob Ford will be joining several other GTA mayors and regional chairs on Friday to discuss a joint application for financial assistance.


UPDATE: Ford asks for ice storm meeting with Premier Wynne

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  1. Frankie posted on 01/15/2014 07:00 AM
    So we have a Premier that wasn't elected to that position ignoring the elected Mayor of the largest city, a Premier heading a party that has "stolen" from its taxpayers, has mismanaged this province to the tune of billions of dollars, whose moral compass has lost its way.

    I hope we all remember her and her party on election day!
    1. Rob Ford's Cadillac posted on 01/15/2014 07:26 AM
      Please for the love of all that is holy, shut the F*** up, go back to your cave, and catch up on your Grade 4 reading.
    2. Frankie posted on 01/15/2014 08:10 AM
      @Rob Ford's Cadillac Have you graduated from kindergarten yet? During an election it is known who the Premier/Prime Minister will be should they win their riding. You''re obviously too uneducated to understand that most basic principle in Canadian politics.

      If you knew Wynne would be Premier during the last election YOU ARE A GENIUS.

    3. Angry Bill posted on 01/15/2014 09:22 AM
      @Rob Ford's Cadillac Frankie is quite right in his response to your ever so eloquent and well-spoken comment, Caddy. How many people do you think there are out there who are not voting conservative for the simple reason that Hudak is the leader?

      So, kindly remove your head from your posterior and use it for something other than just keeping your ears apart.

      Fact is, the two un-elected people from Ontario and Toronto are only willing to meet with each other, and not someone who is actually elected. You may not have what it takes to see the irony in that, but many others sure do.
    4. john posted on 01/15/2014 10:43 AM
      @Rob Ford's Cadillac this is why i don't like GM products there a piece of shit . i scend u to the scrapyard yard if i had u . get my money back . or never buy u in the first place .

      ford more years .
    5. Mark7 posted on 01/15/2014 11:05 AM
      @Rob Ford's Cadillac My my but you are a child. You are quite far advanced in your ranting skills for your young and tender age.
    6. john posted on 01/15/2014 11:20 AM
      @Mark7 i apologize to young people on behalf of mark7 . comparing Rob Ford's Cadillac to young people is a insult .
    7. Mark7 posted on 01/15/2014 12:10 PM
    8. dama posted on 01/15/2014 02:11 PM
      @Rob Ford's Cadillac Your reply showed your ignorance on anything politic;; Wyyne won her riding election and not the Premier . Dalton resigned and the Liberal MPs voted her in as LEADER not Premier.. so technically she was not elected by the voters to be Premier.. it is a democratic process as in all PARTY nomination for a leader..

      Where else Rob Ford was elected by the voters and Norm Kelly was not.. not meeting with Rob Ford by Wynne is a death nail on her next election .. it is more political on Wynne's part

      Shame on her.. in my eyes, I dont even respect her as a person let alone my Premier..
    9. Dixie posted on 01/15/2014 03:38 PM
      @dama Calling her an unelected premier is like saying assless chaps. All chaps are assless and all premiers are unelected. Assed chaps are just pants and an elected premier doesn't exist.
    10. Jay posted on 01/15/2014 03:38 PM
      @Angry Bill Kathleen Wynne won her riding (was elected!) with 6% more of the votes than Rob Ford got in the mayoral election.
    11. Rob Ford's Cadillac posted on 01/15/2014 05:52 PM
      @Frankie LOL !! Okay. You win! For being the dumbest human being alive, that is.
      I don't know why I waste mY time with you brain-dead, losers, but, here you go...from Wikipedia (Let me guess, that's a "Left Wing Conspiracy, too)

      "Under Canada's system of responsible government, the premier is BOTH A MEMBER OF THE PROVINCIAL LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY and the head of the executive. The Premier normally holds a seat in the Legislative Assembly, BEING ELECTED IN ONE OF THE ELECTORAL CONSTITUENCIES OF THE PROVINCE. The leader of the party which commands a majority in the Assembly is then legally APPOINTED THE PREMIER BY THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNER, acting on behalf of the Crown. "

      Now, please, go away. Surely there's another right-wing extremist with a low IQ who needs help spelling, somewhere.
    12. Mark7 posted on 01/16/2014 08:54 AM
      @Jay So what you are saying is that Wynne's riding is full of fools? Okay, I got it.
    13. Karl Burgin posted on 01/16/2014 09:52 AM
      @Rob Ford's Cadillac We all better stop pissing the Caddy off..looks like he is literally about to blow a gasket. And i would hate to seem the bill from the mechanic for the repairs.
      I used to drive a Cadillac STS and my car blew head gasket too. I was out a few thousand bucks and without my car for many weeks.
      So I implore you all to please take it easy on Rob Ford's Caddy...nice cars to have but very costly to maintain.
  2. Mike from the hinterland posted on 01/15/2014 07:12 AM
    Careful Premier Mom Wynne. Look what happened to Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey. It is an election year! Thou shalt not show favouritism!

    Hey Premier Mom, its your own fault that you refused to act. Most employers including mine have policies for their employees when they are using drugs such as leaves of absence, morals clauses in their employment contracts etc. The republic of Toronto's council did all it could in the current context of the Municipal Act. The municipal act needs to be updated to include provisions of removing from their office or forcing a person to go seek treatment. This has left Toronto in a confusing situation with two Mayors.
  3. tanjo posted on 01/15/2014 07:41 AM
    Wasn't there a meeting coming up for All the GTA Mayors so they can put a united front forward? Why then, does Ford need to meet separately with Wynne?

    I think he knew full well that he wasn't getting the meeting, but decided to create an opportunity to build up sympathy for himself. His best campaign strategy is "It's me versus the world!"
    1. JC posted on 01/15/2014 10:51 AM
      @tanjo I don't think Rob gets it. Council within their legal rights took away his powers for a reason. Anyone else with any sense of credibility/sanity and a respect for themselves would of followed councils recommendations and taken a leave and gone away and looked after their problems
    2. john posted on 01/15/2014 11:01 AM
      @JC correction illegally all those people who voted for that will be in the unemployment line next election .
    3. Gertie posted on 01/15/2014 11:46 AM
      @JC So how in the hell does this work..... Wasn't it just Stintz (a member of council who voted for stripping Ford of his Mayoral abilities and powers), who then accused Ford for not declaring a state of emergency for the city and not asking for provincial financial assistance in this recovery? Or is it what ever side of the coin suits them (council) on any given day???? Then they wonder why there is a "Ford" nation... Really????
    4. dama posted on 01/15/2014 02:17 PM
      @JC You again !! You dont seem to be too smart..

      The power that was stripped away is the day to day function of city hall.. chairing of meetings etc etc

      Rob Ford still retains and maintains the power to represent as magistrate and head of state.. and Wynne should be dealing with him in matter reagrding to this ice storm fund that Ford is requesting..

      also,, does Rob Ford really needs to be away for 6 months from city hall to look a his personal problems? I said no.. he is just doing fine and he is already below his 300 libs.. and looking good..

      Keep going and by Oct 27, he wil be really fit t be the mayor again...
    5. meesh posted on 01/15/2014 03:43 PM
      @tanjo I agree. He is a master manipulator. He set her up so he re=play his victim card. She cant see him because of what City Council voted for when they stripped him of power. He knws exactly how to push people's buttons. He should be dealt with the same way. He is easy to manipulate right back. But msot people are good people and dont see what he is up to. Dont respond the way he wants you to. The Fords must have a great laugh every day when they debrief and share stories eh? They just push buttons and people fall into their traps. Wynne sees through him but should fight fire with fire and play on his level even if it means stooping that low. Only way forward is to start pushing his buttons. His worst fear is to be found out. It must be hard to remember all the lies you have told eh? This Wynne thing played just like he planned it.
    6. meesh posted on 01/15/2014 03:47 PM
      @JC He gets it really well. He enjoys playing with people and causing a commotion. Loves it in fact. He doesnt have feelings like most people. Only interested in his games and in hurting others and showing his superioriy over others. Emotional affect is lacking here. He is not working out either is he? He is an excellent liar and so is his brother. Excellent manipulators the both of them.
    7. JC posted on 01/16/2014 01:59 PM
      @dama you would think after your 75th birthday Dama you would be a little more intelligent and a little less juvenile.
  4. Ken posted on 01/15/2014 07:51 AM
    Perhaps she won't speak to him because he is a liar, a drunk and a crackhead with no morals, and a temper like a 3 year old. He is an embarrassment to the city, the Province and the Country.
    Just saying.
    1. john posted on 01/15/2014 10:48 AM
      @Ken like she is not a liar herself , ALL POLITICIANS DO DRUGS . ever listen to George Carlin . he says it like it is .
    2. JC posted on 01/15/2014 11:00 AM
      @Ken i'm curious with some of these Ford apologists if one of their kids teachers was found to be drinking and driving skunk drunk, smoking crack with drugs/guns gang members, associating with criminals etc. etc
      they would totally still be ok leaving that teacher in that position of teaching their kids
    3. dama posted on 01/15/2014 02:24 PM
      @Ken OK, you are one of those elitist that does not lie at all.. hard to believe that..

      Everyone lies.. sometimes one has to tell a white good lie

      How about those 2 councillors.. Gord Perk and Mike Layton.. voted in the conflict of interest.. just because they are leftist , no one is on their case.. I bet if it is Rob Ford, there will be complains to the integrity officer..

      Ford hater still a Ford hater.. never can forgive and move on.. it is hurting you gus more than it hurts Rob Ford..

      Learn how to the Good Lord has..
    4. Jay posted on 01/15/2014 03:41 PM
      @dama There's a huge difference between a "white lie" and lying about using illegal drugs while in a political office. Stop defending Ford, it makes YOU look like as big a fool as he is.
    5. Mark7 posted on 01/16/2014 01:16 PM
      @Jay The biggest fools like lefties. Why did council vote down Ford's proposal for all councillors to take a drug test? The only reason they did is because some of them are ALSO using illegal drugs. Council is full of hypocrites.
  5. Peter posted on 01/15/2014 08:58 AM
    I think Frankie says it best (top post):
    Frankie posted 2 hours ago
    So we have a Premier that wasn't elected to that position ignoring the elected Mayor of the largest city, a Premier heading a party that has "stolen" from its taxpayers, has mismanaged this province to the tune of billions of dollars, whose moral compass has lost its way.
    I hope we all remember her and her party on election day!
    1. RickC_1236 posted on 01/15/2014 09:16 AM
      @Peter Come on Peter be a big boy and use your own words.
  6. DW posted on 01/15/2014 10:16 AM
    There was a family in Etobi-Coke who had a three sons. The youngest, not the brightest bulb and not interested in peddling labels. So they invented him a job for him....................Maybe he can meet with his buddy Mayor Brittannia (yep doesn't know his name) of Hamilton

    Maybe he can work on the unemployment numbers...............he brags about that even though T.O. numbers are some of the highest for a large Canadian city and above the provincial average. What international business leader can make a pitch to their board about locating a business in a city where the Mayor brags about smoking a lots of dope and being in a drunken stupor. Yeah, an opium den for a business destination.

    Ignore him until he acknowledges a rehab program. The business affairs of the city are being taken care of by the Deputy Mayor and Council.

    Maybe he can ask the Premier to permit the citizens a plebiscite to abolish the amalgamated city and return to the more effective Metro structure where only 350 000 can brag about Robbie being their Mayor
    1. Mark7 posted on 01/15/2014 11:13 AM
      @DW "The business affairs of the city are being taken care of by the Deputy Mayor and Council."

      He took off during the ice storm. This is the way lefties deal with problems...they run away, not stay like Rob Ford did. Rob did all the work during the ice storm while Norm failed at his first task. SO SPARE US YOUR PATHETIC LIES.
    2. dama posted on 01/15/2014 02:29 PM
      @DW "The business affairs of the city are being taken care of by the Deputy Mayor and Council."

      Yup, cant deny that with higher tax rate of 2.25 compared to what Rob Ford wanted at 1.75 %

      More money for the failed Bixi bicycle program.

      Ford More Years.
    3. Jay posted on 01/15/2014 03:43 PM
      @Mark7 Where was there a lie in the original comment? There wasn't. And Rob Ford may have been in the city during the ice storm, but no one could find him until 1:30 pm. Who cares where Norm Kelly was? He was constantly in communication with staff, while visiting a dying relative. Yes, he's a horrible person isn't he. What was he gonna do if he was here? Melt the ice?
    4. DaveM posted on 01/15/2014 03:49 PM
      @Mark7 If Rob Ford had taken off during the storm to be with a sick family member, all of the Ford Nation Morons would be kissing his a$$ because he spent time with his family during a time of need. People should open their eyes and see Rob Ford for what he upper class, spoiled, over privileged, undereducated, self entitled, fat cat. This man is not an average guy with average problems...he has enjoyed a life of privilege and gets away with stuff that the average person can't dream of doing. An international embarrassment that we are all going to pay for years to come.
    5. Mark7 posted on 01/16/2014 08:59 AM
      @Jay So what you are saying to me is that you believe what Kelly said?! He is a Fiberal and no Fiberal can ever be trusted with telling a truth. Some people are so gullible. You are one of them.
    6. Karl Burgin posted on 01/16/2014 03:41 PM
      @DaveM If Ford went to Florida like Kelly did, we would still be hearing about it now, and it would be all over the newspapers. Not to mention being on the late night circuit for weeks to come.
      Not to mention being damaging for him politically.

      Kelly would have never come close to suffering the same fate. Kelly got off rather light for his faux-pas.
  7. john posted on 01/15/2014 10:56 AM
    the only reason why she will meet with unelected mayor is because Kelly is easy to mess with . thats how demons work . thay mess with people with weak minds . thay are afraid of people like rob ford . politicians hate people with common sense .
    1. Brian posted on 01/15/2014 11:25 AM
      @john people with common sense don't get wasted and smoke crack
    2. WP posted on 01/15/2014 11:44 AM
      @Brian then think it's a good idea to get in your car and drive possibly hurting someones children. the mayor of the largest city in the country did this and won't take responsibility. I don't think i would meet with this type of person either. On anything!
    3. john posted on 01/15/2014 12:15 PM
      @WP then maybe i should run for mayor i be like rob ford without the drug thing .
    4. john posted on 01/15/2014 12:20 PM
      @john then agian people would hate me cause i would tell the truth and do what i said i would do . not only tell people thay are boss and not me .
    5. john posted on 01/15/2014 02:05 PM
      @john u know like mike hairss
    6. dama posted on 01/15/2014 02:32 PM
      @john You are right .. also Norm Kelly was a Liberal MP, so you can see why Norm can be manipulated by Wynne..for he will just nod to what ever Wynne demanded..

      Spineless and coward on Wyyne's part not to meet with Rob For,, for she knew Rob will fight hard for the money..
  8. Jay posted on 01/15/2014 03:39 PM
    She probably won't meet with him because he's a homophobic, delusional moron. He never has a clue what he's talking about, so what would be the point?
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 01/16/2014 09:55 AM
      @Jay Yep that's it.
      And that's also why he was elected with the biggest victory ever.
      Please think before applying pressure to the keys on your keyboard.
    2. john posted on 01/16/2014 02:46 PM
      @Jay as someone who is clearly older then u i am going to give u some advice . stop talking about yourself people dont like ego maniacs .
  9. Mark posted on 01/15/2014 06:44 PM
    As much as I hate the Librano union sucking crooks running the province and as much as I DID like Ford, I would have to conclude that Ford blew it. Seriously, his antics are beyond ridiculous. I mean seriously, what other grown man do you know who would smoke crack.

    I like Fords message and his passion but - like I said, he blew it.
  10. DawnaT posted on 01/15/2014 09:15 PM
    You'd think by now the Ford brothers would have spent enough time learning how to work and play nice with others...
    1. Mark7 posted on 01/16/2014 09:02 AM
      @DawnaT "You'd think by now that city council would have spent enough time learning how to work and play nice with others..."

      I made the correction for you.
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 01/16/2014 10:08 AM
      @DawnaT Playing nice with others- i think you're referring to his interactions with the other Councillors, and labeling Ford as a thug.
      May I remind you:
      *Who's been ganging up on Ford lately during the aftermath of the ice-storm?
      *Who ganged up on Ford and took away his powers?
      *Who votes the other way whenever Ford has a good idea to pass through?
      *Who sprawls their media trucks and personnel on the Ford's front lawn, or follows him to the cottage?

      Those last 4 examples are instances of bullying- and those didn't come from Ford.
      So if Ford goes against someone one-on-one its bullying, but if its an entire posse on Ford, it's legit- right?
      Got it.
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