Mom Files Human Rights Complaint against School

Hamilton mother says school refused to accommodate daughter’s allergy to dairy and eggs.

You’ve heard of schools adopting policies banning peanuts and peanut products from schools, but what about banning all dairy and eggs?  A Hamilton mother has launched a human rights complaint against her daughter’s elementary school saying officials discriminated against the six-year-old who has a severe allergy to dairy products and eggs.

Lynne Glover took her daughter, Elodie, out of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School after what she calls a two year-long battle with school officials to ban eggs and milk products.  Glover says while she was assured that school officials would do everything they could to keep her daughter safe, they continued to run the milk and snack program. 

The Hamilton mom says her daughter was “segregated” during lunches and snack times and has been repeatedly subjected to the dairy products being consumed by other students. 

A spokesperson with the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Board says the board will not be commenting on the case as it is now before the Human Rights Tribunal.

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  1. Mark posted on 01/14/2014 06:35 AM
    Can we please ban stupid people from Canada? Milk is good for kids. We want our kids to drink more milk. It promotes stronger bones for their growing bodies, and contains much needed vitamin D, required in winter. I am sorry that her daughter is allergic to dairy products, but that does not mean that everyone else needs to avoid them. A little common sense is required here, and she clearly lacks any.
    1. john posted on 01/14/2014 10:47 AM
      @Mark common sense lol thats something a lot of people don't have .
    2. marisa firmani posted on 01/15/2014 09:21 PM
      @Mark CLEARLY the "common sense" here would to be feed your children all the milk, eggs and cheese you want - AT HOME! Every child deservses to be SAFE AT SCHOOL! All the parents commenting expect their children to be returned to them at 3:30pm in the SAME CONDITION as they were dropped off. How can a CHILDS LIFE be compared to the benefits of dairy, as healthy as it may be.
    3. alice blue posted on 01/20/2014 07:27 PM
      @marisa firmani Sure, nothing like a good breakfast pizza at 7:00 a.m. to hold the kid until 3:30. Guess what, kids have a right to be feed at school. Just what are are parents supposed to send for lunch if peanuts, eggs, and dairy are off the list?
      Unlike peanuts, eggs and milk don't have "dust" or particles and reactions are USUALLY not as serve as for peanuts. Here the child had ONE antipathetic attack - the rest were not life threatening. Sure it is not fun for the child to feel poorly or to sometimes eat alone but it is beyond selfish to expect the entire school to change its behavior.
  2. mommaC posted on 01/14/2014 07:03 AM
    I NEVER comment on news stories but this story has angered me. How entitled is this woman that she feels everyone should change their ways for her child. If shes that concerned then home school the child. This woman needs a smack in the head and to be knocked off of her pedestal
    1. marisa firmani posted on 01/15/2014 09:31 PM
      @mommaC I hope you dont have children. As a mom of an anaphylactic child, you have no idea how hard we work to protect our children from people like you. Would you deny kids in wheelchairs access to your school because building him a ramp would be INCONVENIENT for others? All this mom wants is her child to be safe!!! Special needs are special needs whether you can SEE them or not. I doubt you'd be bashing this mom if her child had no legs. KIDS DIE FROM ANAPHYLAXIS what more needs to be said. School boards have a responsibility to keep ALL kids safe!!! ALL KIDS!!
    2. Susan posted on 01/16/2014 08:51 PM
      @marisa firmani @mommaC, building a ramp is far different than asking that the entire school community radically adapt their diet to match that of a person who is severly limited in what they can eat. BIG difference!
      Re: "I doubt you'd be bashing this mom if her child had no legs" that mother would definately be bashed if she demanded that every student at her child's school had to behave as though they had no legs too.
  3. Frankie posted on 01/14/2014 07:32 AM
    She'll probably win. IMO HRC is nothing more than a kangaroo court, devoid of the REAL justice system, run by failed ex-politicians who've been given a pass to ignore REAL law.

    Wish someone would take them to court and have it go all the way to Supreme Court to finally do away with this kangaroo court.
  4. Christine Smith posted on 01/14/2014 07:48 AM
    Guess what - it's not the school segregating this child, it's her allergies. My mother is celiac and there's places she cannot eat. Life sucks, sometimes..
  5. John posted on 01/14/2014 08:13 AM
    I think we need to find (make?) the supposed island made of all the plastic garbage, and gather all these self-centered people to share all their isolated problems. Then shut the barn door behind them, so-to-speak. Enough of ordinary folk halving to accept the individual's limitations. Just sickening.
  6. Karl Burgin posted on 01/14/2014 08:56 AM
    I had the same knee-jerk reaction, like most of you, and I rolled my eyes when I heard this. But like many stories these days, things aren't always what they seem.
    I don't know if you've heard this, but apparently the mom did everything in her power to not be a bother, and this is only coming to head, as a method of last resort.
    The kid was always eating with the teacher, until grade one. Also, the kid couldn't take part in anything because all the food they had during class parties and occasions (i.e. Valentine's day) had milk/eggs in them.
    As a way of getting her kid to be included in one class event, she went through the trouble of baking over 500 cupcakes without milk and eggs, so everyone could be together. Unfortunately, the school served chocolate milk with the cupcakes, and the kid couldn't join.

    I don't know what the answer is, but after listening to the specifics this morning, I don't think the mom is totally wrong here. Although, I'm not sure what taking it before the Human Rights Tribunal is supposed to accomplish as well. The only thing that comes to mind, is that if more and more kids are being born with such life-threatening allergies, maybe we should setup a school, or special classroom per school to accommodate.
  7. karenmaclean posted on 01/14/2014 09:08 AM
    And eating fruit only in schools is not possible, as peopleare allergicto bananas etc. How I survived as a child of the 1960's with my extremely severe allergy to peanut butter, I will never know, no epipen, just common sense and a complete revulsion to the peanut odour. My mother ate peanut butter daily, and washed dishes by hand.
  8. Ernie posted on 01/14/2014 09:14 AM
    The answer for extreme cases is private school but the province does not allow it because its a throw back to the 1960s . Sometimes you have to segregate.

    There have been other stories where a child is so allergic to nuts that the smell of them on another child's breath would seat off a deadly attack. Is a public school really the best place to be sending your child in such circumstances? Or how about a child with Cystic Fibrosis who is very susceptible to catching colds from other kids. Do you really put your child in this type of danger?

    In an effort to be all inclusive, we as a province have created a system which can actually harm some kids. The human rights tribunal should not find the school lacking in their approach but should find the Government lacking in their ability to handle these types of things. Unfortunately, the government would never be called into question here because the school will bear the brunt of all the responsibility.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 01/14/2014 12:31 PM
      @Ernie Well said....I was thinking along the same lines too.
  9. someonezmom posted on 01/14/2014 09:18 AM
    I do have empathy for this family. But I do not understand, why this mother would put her child at risk by relying on all the other students who attend that school to not consume dairy and eggs. Home schooling seems like the safer option to me. Sometimes life isn't fair, we learn to deal with it, well at least some of us do.
    1. john posted on 01/14/2014 11:09 AM
      @someonezmom i do as well .

      as sonone who was both home schooled and in a school . i found out that u learn more home schooled then u would going to school . thats why in the old days the parents would teach there kids instead of going to a school .
    2. Shane posted on 01/14/2014 12:09 PM
      @john Apparently you missed the lesson on grammar and punctuation.
    3. Shane posted on 01/14/2014 12:12 PM
      @john Clearly you missed the lesson on punctuation and grammar.
    4. john posted on 01/14/2014 12:51 PM
      @Shane says the guy who double posted .
    5. john posted on 01/14/2014 12:53 PM
      @john insult me all u want . i really dont give a shit .
  10. christine posted on 01/14/2014 09:24 AM
    I understand the parents concern for her child to be involved with school activities and have lunch with her peers. But I think banning dairy/eggs for the the children in the school with only isolate her more. It would be better to teach the school about alternatives and encourage her child to be educated on her allergies. We have to stop conforming for one person and learn to understand others differences. Maybe it would be better for her to be home schooled until the child is older and can be better prepared to deal with her allergies. I have a son with special needs and I homeschooled and found alternatives when i had to .
  11. Dianne posted on 01/14/2014 09:25 AM
    Are you people saying that giving your child dairy/eggs is more important than the life of another child? There are plenty of milk/dairy alternatives out there if you are so concerned about the amount of milk your child is getting or you could give them milk at home where it is not going to be a life threatening factor.
    It is by no fault of this child that she has these allergies. She should have the same rights as all of the other children. Maybe her mother doesn't want to homeschool her. Maybe she has to work for her family or maybe she wants her child to benefit from the experiences and socialization of actually attending a school with other children.
    What this world needs is a little more compassion and tolerance which clearly is lacking here.
    1. G Man posted on 01/14/2014 12:16 PM
      @Dianne Are you saying this child's right to socialize at lunch with the other kids in the school trumps the other kids' rights to eat what they want? Reasonable accommodation would be for the child to spend the 20 minutes kids are given to eat lunch segregated from the other kids, in the company of a teacher. The child could then rejoin the other kids for the rest of the lunch hour (lunchtime recess, as they call it at my kid's school). The child would be safe, and still able to interact with other kids, with almost no disruption of anyone's rights.
    2. Dianne posted on 01/14/2014 01:15 PM
      @G Man No I am saying this child's life trumps what the other children should be allowed to eat. My comment about socialization was in response to the comment made about homeschooling. If you homeschool a child they are loosing out on some of that socialization. Of course there are some benefits to homeschooling, but this is a completely different area of discussion.
      Segregating a child with allergies during lunchtime may not be the answer. The child may be exposed to the allergen from a contaminated table, desk, pencils, etc. Depending on how severe the allergy is everything that may have been exposed to the allergen in the classroom may need to be wiped down.
      Most people seem to have no issues with keeping our schools peanut free. Perhaps they understand that they may be putting a child's life at risk. I don't understand why they can't do the same for eggs/dairy. Sure it means working a little bit harder and taking a few more steps, but this is a child's life that we are talking about.
    3. detalumis posted on 01/14/2014 02:27 PM
      @Dianne What this world needs more of is actually fewer rights and suing to get a big wad of cash after you receive over 50K a year in tax money for educating your five kids. How about thinking about the cost to the taxpayers - oh that doesn't enter into your head it's all about ME, me and more me.
    4. Dianne posted on 01/14/2014 03:01 PM
      @detalumis Not sure exactly what cost you are referring to?
      Actually I am thinking about the little girl who cannot enjoy the things that her peers are, but if you believe that I am being selfish so be it.
    5. Dianne posted on 01/14/2014 03:24 PM
      @Dianne Fewer rights = an unjust system
      You want to take away my rights and yet I am the one being selfish?
  12. john posted on 01/14/2014 10:43 AM
    man this world never runs out of stupid people dos it ? just when u think u heard it all he coming another stupid person .

    this is why i don't like people people are a pain in the ass .
    1. Dianne posted on 01/14/2014 02:13 PM
      @john What exactly are you referring to John?
  13. Frankie posted on 01/14/2014 11:17 AM
    If this were Toronto, city council and the TDSB would spend hundreds of millions to build an alternative school for kids with allergies, 1 school per allergy group. Glad we have amalgamation as that's the only way the wacko lefties in Toronto have their votes diluted by the generally more sensible GTA suburbanites.

    I can just hear Olivia Chow recommending spending hundreds of millions to "save our children".

    No question these allergies are serious. That's why these children need to learn from a very very young age not to touch food other than from home as school food may be contaminated, however innocently, by allergens on preparation materials, cross-contamination, etc.
    1. john posted on 01/14/2014 11:44 AM
      @Frankie if i had a kid i would make lunch for him cause the food u get from school tastes like shit .
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