UPDATE: Ford asks for ice storm meeting with Wynne

Premier's spokesperson says Wynne will continue to meet with Deputy Mayor

Rob Ford file photo
Russ Courtney

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has requested a meeting with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to make the city's case for financial assistance now that council has formally requested help in the wake of the holiday ice storm.

Monday, council voted unanimously to request splitting the $171 million dollar cost of the ice storm and summer flooding equally between the city and the provincial and federal governments.

Ford said Tuesday that he reached out to Wynne "as the elected head of council and the official representative of the city of Toronto," and wants to push for provincial help.

Ford will also meet with GTA leaders Friday in Mississauga to discuss a co-ordinated response to aid requests. Ford's office says Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly has not been invited.

Ford admitted Monday during a special council meeting that he did not contact Wynne during the ice storm.

"We didn't need the province during the clean up," said Ford Tuesday. "We had everything under control."

After Ford was stripped of his powers by council in November, Wynne meet with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who took over many of Ford's previous responsibilities.

While Wynne has yet to say anything about the meeting, her spokesperson told reporters that Wynne "has met and will continue to meet with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who represents Toronto Council"

Officially, Wynne's office released a letter saying Municipal Affairs was going to meet with officials regarding the storm.

"The Ministry (of Municipal Affairs and Housing) has already begun the process of assessing the requests of the municipalities that are seeking (financial assistance)," the Premier's office said in a statement which did not directly address whether or not the two would be meeting."

"Minister (Linda) Jeffrey is meeting with municipal leaders on Friday to discuss the response to the ice storm. Our government and Minister Jeffrey will continue to work with municipal councils on their requests for assistance."

In an email requesting the meeting sent early Tuesday afternoon, Ford's office suggests meeting on one of three days next week.

Toronto did not declare a state of emergency during the ice storm which downed hydro lines, cut power to hundreds of thousands and stalled road and air travel for days.

City staff have said Toronto faces a cleanup bill of at least $106 million from the ice storm on top of $65.2 million in costs arising from a severe rainstorm on July 8, 2013.

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  1. Frankie posted on 01/15/2014 07:21 AM
    The "crooked", incompetent and morally bankrupt Liberal party's leader won't meet with the elected Mayor of the province's largest city. We'll remember that come election time, along with all the "stealing", gross mismanagement, and ordering the OPP to stand aside while a citizen is almost beaten to death.
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