Pre-budget consultations in full-swing

Government wants ideas and special interest groups want help

The finance minister is rolling up his sleeves, listening to what members of the public and organizations have to say about what should be included in the budget. And while Charles Sousa is taking in a consultation in Windsor, the province's finance committee is taking notes at Queen's Park at a meeting there.

The government uses these consultations as a way to get ideas for the budget. Special interest groups ask for funding or policy changes.

Sid Ryan of the Ontario Federation of Labour wants a people's budget, noting austerity doesn't work.  The Ontario Pharmacists' Association wants the power to diagnose things like poison ivy and pink eye.

The Ontario Health Coalition spoke about clinic oversight, specifically billing practises.

The committee heard from a list of others, including the Ontario Nurses' Association, CUPE Ontario, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Music Canada.

These consultations are going on all over the province this month with the budget being tabled in the spring.

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  1. Frankie posted on 01/16/2014 03:58 PM
    Sid Ryan says austerity doesn't work. How could he possibly know as this government has never practiced austerity.

    If they consulted with me, here's what I'd recommend -

    1. Liberal party to return the $ 1 Billion they "stole"
    2. Undo their moronic energy plan that will cost taxpayers and users billions of wasted dollars with nothing to show for it
    3. Undo the scam of supposed no salary increases and roll back wages
    4. Fire the health and education ministers for gross negligence and incompetence
    5. Undo whatever assinine policies they've instituted the last 10 years that aren't listed above
    6. Make sure our natives know that next time they break the law and almost kill someone the OPP will act to uphold the law. In fact, that would be a perfect example of asking to send in the army

    Once all the above is done, they should all submit their resignations to ensure that the worst government in recent Ontario history can't damage our province any more.
    1. tanjo posted on 01/16/2014 04:39 PM
      @Frankie Well, it sounds like they are listening to everyone right now, Frankie, so get in line!

      2 & 3 do have some merit
      1 - the money is gone
      4 - I think is at least half done. They all need an attitude check.
      5 - might be a little too general to implement
      6 - I like it, but Is this a budget item?
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