Search to be scaled back

52 year old Jeffrey Boucher has been missing since Monday morning

With still no sign of 52 year old Jeffrey Boucher, Durham Regional Police announced on Thursday, that they plan to start scaling back the search for the missing high school teacher.

Sgt Nancy Van Rooy with Durham Regional Police say they are holding onto hope that Boucher is inside somewhere, out of the elements.

He was reported missing at around 8:30 on Monday morning, when he left his Whitby home for a jog.

Authorities have also appealed to anyone who may have been in contact with Boucher, to come forward.

Van Rooy says at this point, there's no evidence of an electronic footprint left behind by Boucher.

That means, they haven't seen any indication he's made bank transactions, or logged onto a computer using his old password.

Police say they are scaling back the search, because they are confident they've been able to cover, by ground and by air, all the areas known to him.

While they are scaling back one aspect of the search, they are extending it into other municipalities, and involving other police services.

Meanwhile, revelations on Wednesday, that money had been found in Boucher's desk at Bowmanville High School, where he was a teacher, have been put to rest.

A source had told Newstalk1010 that an investigation had been launched late last week, when an 'unusually large' sum of money had been discovered.

The Director of Education at the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board says they are aware of the money and had spoken to Boucher about it.

Turns out, the 35 hundred dollars was collected for an upcoming ski trip.

It's also been uncovered, that Boucher was unaccounted for on Sunday night as well.

His 17 year old daughter tweeted this on Sunday:

When asked about it, Bettina Boucher told reporters 'it was irrelevant'.

Police are canvassing areas near Boucher's home in Whitby. He usually runs about 10 km a day, but doesn't have a regular running route.

A command post has been set up on Whitburn Street in Whitby, which is near the man's home.

Boucher is described as a white man, 6’ tall, 180 lbs. with grey and white short hair.

Nancy Van Rooy from Durham Regional Police says police do not believe the disappearance is suspicious or that any foul play is involved. But she says there have been very few leads.






Once again using Twitter, his daughter Bettina expressed her concern.

Boucher did not arrive for work on Monday and police say his vehicle and other personal items were found at his home. Van Rooy said it's also known that Boucher did not have his cellphone with him.

Boucher's mother, Mary, spoke with Newstalk1010's Jim Richards. 


Police have been searching the man's Whitby neighbourhood as well as a nearby conservation area and other parks and trails in the vicinity.

Anyone with new information regarding the whereabouts of the missing male or who may have had contact with him recently is asked to Central West Division at 1-888-579-1520.


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  1. Jim Maki posted on 01/15/2014 03:04 PM
    Why would he go out for a run at 8:30AM. I would be on my way to work, at that time of day, if I were a teacher.
    1. Christina Crane posted on 01/16/2014 10:41 AM
      @Jim Maki He apparently left at 6. It was 830,when they began to worry.
  2. AD posted on 01/15/2014 03:18 PM
    and the plot thickens..

    Last seen 2 days ago, sum of money was found in Boucher's desk prompting investigation last week.
    He is possibly in hiding from police/gangs, or under a form of witness protection. This man is not dead yet or there would be evidence to suggest it.

    I agree with Jim Maki, 8.30 seems like a time he would start class.
    1. Rik posted on 01/15/2014 04:35 PM
      @AD Media reports this guy never missed a day of work. yeah right! 8:30 out for a jog! teachers and cops have it made in this country
    2. Jane posted on 01/15/2014 05:08 PM
      @Rik This report is INCORRECT. He went for a jog at 6am and was reported missing at 8:30am. Teachers have to be at their jobs early in the morning.
    3. Kate posted on 01/16/2014 06:44 AM
      @Rik What a disgustingly insensitive things to say!? Are you for real? How do you sleep at night!? This is a missing husband, father and teacher. He means a lot to many, many people. Grow up and give your head a shake!
    4. Christina Crane posted on 01/16/2014 10:43 AM
      @Jane Don't you love it when people start forming opinions without even reading the articles. Geesh!
    5. IsobelF posted on 01/16/2014 04:13 PM
      @Rik He went out at 6. They realized he was missing at 8:30.
  3. Frankie posted on 01/15/2014 03:19 PM
    Really hope this ends well for the family. Must be hell for them.

    On a separate note, Wynne has been doing these stupid ads where she's jogging (running away most likely). Wouldn't it be nice if she took her Liberal colleagues with her for a run and they all disappeared. Maybe we could point them all to Caledonia.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 01/16/2014 09:02 AM
      @Frankie Lol....
      I know this is still early.....but Wynne could take a page from this guy.
    2. john posted on 01/16/2014 11:10 AM
      @Karl Burgin lol good one mate
    3. dama posted on 01/16/2014 02:43 PM
      @Karl Burgin Lol.. I love for that to happen(Wynne jogged into oblivion) and Rob Ford to say: No police budget to search fo Kathryn Wynne
      therefor n major police search...
    4. JC posted on 01/18/2014 10:05 AM
      @Frankie why don't you and Burgin try to be a little less juvenile effing idiots for a change? just asking
    5. Karl Burgin posted on 01/20/2014 02:59 PM
      @JC What the heck did I do?
      I was just conveying dark humor JC...geesh. As it stands, it certainly doesn't look like a kidnapping. And according to the back stories (i.e. drawer full of cash found, he was "out" extra long the night before, his daughter's questionable unconcern...), all show at worst that he's going through some mid-life crisis, or comparably, a family struggle.
      But if the police are still calling it a 'missing person's case', and are not looking for a body- then my comments should be far from insulting.

      I guess you don't watch a lot Leno, Fallon, Colbert or Letterman. Because if they got hold of this story, and used the material for their shows- the humor would be along the same lines.

      Just don't take things so seriously- especially when you don't need to.
  4. dw posted on 01/15/2014 04:13 PM
    SPOCK: Affirmative. Until he was lost, our records officer was Lieutenant Commander Finney.
    COGLEY: Captain Kirk, will you tell the steps you took to find Mister Finney after the storm?
    KIRK: I instituted a phase one search.
    COGLEY: Describe a phase one search.
    KIRK: It's a painstaking, thorough attempt in and around the ship to find a man who's presumably injured and unable to respond.
    COGLEY: It presupposes, does it not, that a man wishes to be found?
    KIRK: I beg your pardon?
    COGLEY: If you start a search for a man, you assume, don't you, that he wants to be found? He's not hiding?
    KIRK: Yes.
    COGLEY: On a ship of this size, could a man evade such a search?
    KIRK: Possibly.
    COGLEY: Gentlemen, I submit to you that Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney is not dead.

    Two possibilities, he is unwilling to respond or unable to respond. One is bad, the other means he caught a plane to equatorial guinea.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 01/16/2014 09:03 AM
      @dw Genius......two thumbs up!!!!
  5. Ri posted on 01/15/2014 04:32 PM
    He is with Jesse Pinkman, BITCH
    1. Rik posted on 01/16/2014 10:06 AM
      @Ri This is guy is definitely BREAKING BAD
  6. Mick posted on 01/16/2014 08:50 AM
    If I had to explain this, I would suggest he has simply run away. Nice family picture though.
  7. Karl Burgin posted on 01/16/2014 09:06 AM
    Curioser and curiouser.....need some of Dick Tracy caliber on the case...
    And another thing- the daughter probably should stop being the spokesperson for the family.
  8. john posted on 01/16/2014 11:37 AM
    i hope it ends well to . as someone who is really close to my dad i dont what i would have done if he was missing . even tought i could care less about teachers .
  9. dama posted on 01/16/2014 02:45 PM
    This is a strange one.. do you think he mastermined his own disappearance?

    I have a feeling he did..
    1. Alex posted on 01/16/2014 04:29 PM
      @dama For what reason? This isn't Machiavelli, this is a high school teacher from Whitby. Based on his daughter's disposition, maybe he ran away from her..
    2. dama posted on 01/17/2014 03:15 PM
      @Alex I really dont know for what reason, hence I stated a "strange one"

      Even high school teacher has problem, everyone has problem, you go out running on Sunday night and 3 hours late in coming home then go out on Monday morning and 'poof" he is gone...

      Was he with someone for 3 hours on Sunday night to discuss his plan on disappearing?

      No, trail, no sign.. kidnapped?

      Still a strange one for me..
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