Last Day on the job, and NO PARTY!

When you've been on the job for more than 30 years and call it a day, is it too much to expect some sort of send off on the last day of work?

Ron Mitchell thought so.

Much to his surprize, at the end of his shift as a shop foreman at the Greenwood yard for the TTC, the place was empty....except for him, shooting a video and posting his 3 minute and 38 second experience to YOU TUBE.

Ron walks thru the vacant facility, and in a controlled rant,  tells you how he really feels.

AND  it DOESN'T end the way you hope it will...with someone popping out and  shouting SURPRIZE!!!

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  1. Frankie posted on 01/17/2014 08:13 AM
    I know someone who, on first day in TTC maintenance dept. was threatened at end of his shift because he put in a REAL full day's work instead of working at 25% speed, as it made the others look bad.

    F*** this guy for bitching. He's a liar as per a colleague of his that called in and said party was delayed due to ice storm, also why no one was there.

    IMO he's a real piece of s**t. If we cracked down on TTC employee abuse there'd be plenty of money for subways.
    1. JudgeJudith posted on 01/17/2014 08:38 AM
      @Frankie Humans don't respond well to profanity and anger Frankie. Let's get back to the 'Human Factor". People's attitude is based on the way they are treated.
    2. Frankie posted on 01/17/2014 09:25 AM
      @JudgeJudith You are correct. Humans also don't respond well to being robbed either, and that's been going on there for a very very long time. As you said people's attitudes are based on the way they're treated. TTC maintenance unions/employees have been "robbing" us for years so they deserve poor treatment.

      Thanks for pointing that out
  2. JudgeJudith posted on 01/17/2014 08:35 AM
    I have to agree with Ron, especially when you work for a big company like the TTC. Most large corporations have programs which come from their HR department on how to lead people. This includes celebrating milestones. Sounds like the TTC isn't putting it's money where it's mouth is. We really need to get back to the 'human factor' in the world today. For a good read try "Leadership @ Work" by Harvey Silver. It's a little old but the lessons from this book are classic.

    Happy Retirement Ron!!

    Judge Judith
    1. donny p. posted on 01/17/2014 09:15 AM
      @JudgeJudith Incredible, the sense of entitlement people have...the guy worked for 30 years, retired with a dream pension, and he expects a party? He probably got recognition on his 25'th, the union retirement he expects a cake? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    2. Frankie posted on 01/17/2014 09:29 AM
      @JudgeJudith You sound like a unionized public sector employee. What don't you get about the fact THE PARTY WAS DELAYED BECAUSE OF THE ICE STORM.

      Ron is a piss ant for omitting that fact and making a big to-do about it. And he has the audacity to ask who's going to pay for his transport to return to his party.

      He's an ungrateful piece of s**t
  3. JC posted on 01/17/2014 09:16 AM
    Boo Freaking Whooo! I'm sorry, but really???? Posting your own pity party?!?! I work in an office as a sole employee. Work alone pretty much everyday. Who is going to be at my Retirement Party?!?! Me, Myself and I!!! Grow up and get over it. Nobody says the TTC has to throw a party for every person who retires. By the way, who pays for the party? The TTC (taxpayers)? Your Union? Your co-workers? Yes, your co-workers could have thrown in a couple bucks....but obviously, they didn't. They bought a cheap box of donuts for everyone to share a couple days earlier for you. Obviously by working at the TTC, you have a huge sense of entitlement Ron. How unfortunate for you. :( Welcome to the real world and Happy Retirement Ron!
  4. JudgeJudith posted on 01/17/2014 09:45 AM
    WOW, hey I'm not saying I agree with everything this man said, but I can see why there is so much hate and bullying in the world today. You all sound like you are beyond bitter. HR should not hire people to develop, deliver and promote employee programs if they are not going to be accountable. CASE CLOSED!
    1. Frankie posted on 01/17/2014 10:16 AM
      @JudgeJudith You're correct about HR. The problem is typically with governments that don't feel accountable to the people that pay them, the taxpayer, so they create these contracts devoid of the reality in the real world.
  5. Angry Bill posted on 01/17/2014 10:05 AM
    I'm angry all the time, but all I can say after watching this is, "Teach me, master!"

    Seriously, he's bitter about his last day, and the shop is empty. But he didn't say why the shop was empty, which was due to the ice storm. So, he does not have my sympathy in this.

    Me, I'd love to be in a position to retire. I will retire one day, but I'm pretty sure that when that day comes, that I won't actually be in a position to retire. This guy is at least in a position to retire.

    Judge Judith, welcome to the forums. I don't recall seeing you post here before, but please don't stop. Whether I agree with you or not is immaterial, this is all about posting opinions. If I disagree with them, I will attack the opinions, but not the person. Certain others here don't make that distinction, but you'll get to know who those are.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 01/17/2014 12:03 PM
      @Angry Bill Well said...and I second the welcome.
  6. Ken posted on 01/17/2014 10:11 AM
    Don't feel bad Ron. After 32.5 years at Toronto Hydro I received the same treatment from the union and management. Hand in your keys, passcard, clothing, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  7. Ken posted on 01/17/2014 10:11 AM
    Don't feel bad Ron. After 32.5 years at Toronto Hydro I received the same treatment from the union and management. Hand in your keys, passcard, clothing, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  8. Peter posted on 01/17/2014 12:31 PM
    Yes, there is something fishy about his complaint.
    Looks like the plant & office is closed.
  9. dama posted on 01/17/2014 03:51 PM
    Could it be that he was an "arsehole" foreman to his employees
    that everyone was just too happy to see him retire without any fanfare..

    Everyone has to plan their own retirement and exit graciously.. some even without party or fanfare..
    I would book a cruise and get out of there..

    Adios Amigo...
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