Day 6: Still no clues in search for Jeffrey Boucher

Whitby teacher missing since Monday

It's day six of the search for Jeffrey Boucher.

Police and volunteers continue to comb through terrain around the teacher's home without any solid clues to go on.

Durham Regional Police Nick Lisi said Saturday that a 5 km radius was being checked again for signs of Boucher. The 52-year-old was reported mising Monday morning after it's believed he headed out for a run, but didn't come back.

Lisi says the teams were going through a "complex geographical" area of greenspace that includes gulleys and ravines, but adds police still have no real leads to direct their efforts.

Police have said no one actually saw Boucher get dressed and leave his home, but that he was as an avid runner who routinely went on morning jogs.

Police earlier said they aren't ruling out the possibility that Boucher "walked away" from his life but that they are still committed to finding him and urge him to get in contact if he can.

Lisi said they were again searching around his house to make sure nothing was missed.

"I think we'd be remiss as a police service if we weren't sure we'd gone through that whole area."

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  1. Mike posted on 01/18/2014 07:10 PM
    I think we're at the point where the Durham Police Service should be sending a bill to the Boucher residence for their services over the last five days.
    1. Paula posted on 01/18/2014 08:20 PM
      @Mike Since there is no one who actually saw him leave......should the interior of house not been searched?
      I do not recall that it has been.
      More to this story then we are being told .
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