WATCH: Queen's Park tells city to hold off on Olympic bid

Liberals, Tories and NDP want to see how Pan Am 2015 goes

Those at Queen's Park say it's premature to talk about the Olympics in Toronto before the Pan Am Games take place next year.

The premier says the city needs to take a look at what's in front of it. Kathleen Wynne underlines she's focused on the Pan Am Games.

Wynne brushed aside questions about  considering an Olympic bid right now.

Progressive Conservative Pan Am Critic Rod Jackson points to Pan Am infrastructure not being appropriate for any Olympic bid.

NDP Toronto Danforth MPP Peter Tabuns agrees, noting it would mean if the city bid for the Olympics, it would cost more money.

Tabuns says those decisions should be made after the 2015 Pan Am games.

Jackson laughs, noting the Liberals can't be trusted. He says he wants to see how Pan Am goes first.

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  1. Jack posted on 01/20/2014 11:38 AM
    If we actually try and host the Olympics before we get our public sector under control, then we may as well just drop trou and bend over, because the corrupt unions in this city will be SALIVATING for the opportunity to F us in the A while the whole world is watching. Strikes, blackmail, extortion; all the usual tricks unions use.
  2. Franie posted on 01/20/2014 12:27 PM
    The Liberals have demonstrated complete incompetence in almost everything they've handled. Fiscally, they have been one of the most irresponsible governments this province has ever seen.

    This will be another disaster. Drop the idea until and unless we have a fiscally responsible government in power. That doesn't even address the disaster at City Hall, with dysfunctional councillors.

    The only intelligent and responsible response is to say NO!
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