Careless Smoking Linked to Dundas/Sherbourne Blaze

Toronto Fire crews were called to an apartment building near Dundas Street and Sherbourne Street at around 5:20a.m. Thursday.


Toronto Fire crews were called to an apartment building near Dundas Street and Sherbourne Street at around 5:20a.m. Thursday. 

The fire broke out in a seventh floor unit.  One tenant inside the unit was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation and minor burns.  A security guard was also treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.

It was believed that the fire was caused by careless smoking.

The building did not have to be evacuated. 

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  1. Frankie posted on 01/23/2014 10:20 AM
    I find the firefighter ads despicable. they're misleading and fear-mongering ads. City can cut back significantly as we have too many firefighters and trucks, more per capita than NYC. We should also eliminate them from medical calls so can reduce them further.

    Take some of that money and increase paramedics. Perhaps some of those firefighters could become certified as paramedics.

    Do Ford and city council have the guts to tackle this? That would help the city's finances without the union lies of jeopardizing people's health.
    1. karen posted on 01/23/2014 10:39 AM
      @Frankie We already have paramedics parked all around the city, waiting, apparently, or sitting at emergency rooms, waiting. Does rationalizing one aspect of massive misgvernance naturally mean more chaos elsewhere. Governments are now spending $30K per per per year in Canada, much of it wasted. Let's cut and free our dollars to be spent creating jobs, foods and services int he private sector by us. Many Canadians do not mind the taxes they pay, and they should continue. But we must adopt US style personal exemptions (uo tp $44K) to aid modest earners and use some of the money saved to get everyone involved in the economy.

      How successful would our economy be with a 30% bump in purchasing, wealth, income, and taxes? An end to poverty and the need for much of the social safety net? Gov. waste stands in the way of everyone who is not at the trough.
    2. Frankie posted on 01/23/2014 11:18 AM
      @karen Excellent points. Waste is the No. 1 problem and the solution isn't to have those in power or those in management reduce waste as it's against their personal interests.

      The only way to do it is to use outside professionals and the only way that will happen is with a government that has the guts to implement it.

      Most people don't realize that this waste hurst the middle class the most. The rich aren't affected much and the poor pay no taxes. Everyone except for the wasteful politicians and civil servants would benefit, especially the poor and middle class.

      Imagine politicians running on that platform. Unfortunately it's a pipe dream.
    3. john posted on 01/23/2014 11:22 AM
      @Frankie it is not the fire fighters bitching about the cuts . it is the damn unions that are bitching about the cuts . so thay can justify there existence . either that or thay ran out stuff to bitch about . if it was up to me Unions would be the thing of the past .
  2. sheryl posted on 01/23/2014 10:52 AM
    If we could only ban smoking and put safety timers and fire systems on stoves, would there be any fires at all?
    1. john posted on 01/23/2014 11:38 AM
      @sheryl if that the case then fire fighters would not be needed anymore . for fire anyways . maybe not for car crashes but if thay keep raising fees and insurance that might not be aney cars or trucks on the road . i dont drive .by the way for that reason .
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