Province trying to get on top of potholes on the 401

Ministry of Transportation explains how and when they can fix potholes

If you see a pothole on the highway, don't worry. The province is getting to it.

However, if it seems like it's taking them too long to fix problems you pass by every morning, the Ministry of Transportation says they have a limited window in which they can do repairs.

Spokesperson Astrid Poei says it can only be done in daylight hours, outside of rush hour.

Even though you see a lot of potholes peppering your drive, Poei says it's an average year for the winter nuisance.

Despite this, she underlines crews are addressing issues quicker than before. She points to recently getting to a problem-patch on the 401 in between Jane St. and Allen Rd.

As for safety, Poei notes potholes which pose a risk to drives are a high priority to get fixed.

Weather plays a factor in how many potholes they can fill and if crews need to take a break. Snow storms not only mean road workers can't see what they need to fix but the same crews in charge of potholes, also drive snow plows.

If you do spot a pothole, report it to the province by calling 416-235-4686.

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  1. john posted on 01/25/2014 11:00 AM
    u think of all the builshit that comes out of the liberals mouth u think it would fill up all of the pot holes in the roads all over Ontario .
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