It's a meme and it's called RobFording

Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Rob Ford... again

Jimmy Kimmel has once again used Toronto's mayor for his late-night comedy show.

He's hoping a new meme will go viral.

Take a look:

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  1. Mark7 posted on 01/25/2014 03:55 PM
    Americans find this boring skit to be funny? Things have steadily declined since Johnny Carson retired. Only Letterman is left of the good late night talk show hosts.
    1. REALITY BITES posted on 01/26/2014 01:01 AM
      @Mark7 Mark7 ... you and I will probably never agree politically, but you're right on the money about late night comedy in the US.
      Letterman is the only consistently funny one in the whole bunch.

      Leno can't be gone soon enough and the rest are ... well ... the rest.

      There will never be another Johnny Carson - the true king of late night comedy.
    2. tanjo posted on 01/27/2014 09:34 AM
      @Mark7 I thought it was funny, and it pokes fun at the media scrum as much as it does the Mayor. A couple points:

      (1) When Kimmell turned around to come back, he say "Guys". Everyone know Rob Ford says "Folks" in such situations.

      (2) They really didn't capture the diversity of styles and techniques employed by the mayor, from the finesse and style demonstrated above, to the full-out football run (a personal favorite); the ill-fated "service elevator" fake play, and the ever-popular "Take THAT you evil camera! Sincerely, My Face". Move.
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