WATCH: Strong winds and snow cause dangerous driving conditions

Environment Canada says the GTA will see more wintry weather Sunday into Monday

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Environment Canada says the GTA will see more wintry weather Sunday into Monday 

      An Alberta clipper will track through the area later Sunday and afternoon and Sunday night.

      "At this point it's looking like a 4 - 8 cm snow event across Toronto late Sunday afternoon and Sunday night," says Environment Canada meteorologist Rob Kuhn. "And of course windy again too... what else is new?"

      Winds and blowing snow causes chaos on the roads north of Toronto Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

      The weather agency is advising drivers to be careful as visibilities in exposed areas could be near zero at times. 

      The strong winds and blowing snow have been causing treacherous driving conditions, especially near Shelburne and within Dufferin County. 

      The OPP had to rescue about 450 stranded drivers Friday night, many of them in Dufferin County. 

      Several shelters were opened up in the area for stranded drivers in community centres, arenas and fire halls. 

      Things in the area improved Saturday. Highways 10 and 89 in Dufferin County were reopened after being closed for several hours because of poor conditions and abandoned vehicles on the road.

      As of Saturday afternoon, just 15 people remained in Shelburne shelters.

      But the snow and winds weren't done yet.

      Saturday afternoon Newstalk 1010's Andrea Lawson was driving around, getting a good sense of what drivers were facing Friday night.

      Going north on Highway 10 from Shelburne, she headed west onto County Road 17. It was there she found an abandoned vehicle, white out conditions and piles of snow on the road.  

      This is what the roads looked like travelling south on Highway 10 towards Orangeville.


       LISTEN: Rock 95 news director Dan Blakeley joined The Motts Show, saying OPP had to rescue 450 stranded drivers Friday night

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      1. john posted on 01/25/2014 10:52 AM
        ladies and gentlemen welcome to Canada .
        1. DW posted on 01/25/2014 05:11 PM
          @john That's the easy answer. Interesting the pileups occur today in the same stretch of highway where the events occurred on Friday.

          This is the legacy of Duffer Harris as Premier. Many provincial highways had the crowns removed and they were turned over to counties, townships and villages. Also the Duffer thought the construction companies were just perfect to run winter highway maintenance. A lot of people getting rich on the crapshoot we call Ontario's highways.

          Have you seen a snowfence along an Ontario highway in the last twenty years?
        2. Graham posted on 01/25/2014 06:10 PM
          @DW Yeah that Mike Harris, he's totally responsible for this weather, it's all his fault Mother Nature got mad and decided to blow and snow at the same time!

          You sound just like the liberals, their still blaming him for the gross high prices we are paying for electricity!
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