1,600 crashes in Ontario in 24 hours

The OPP release numbers from Friday night's blowing snow storm

The OPP have released some shocking numbers from the roads. 

Between Friday and Saturday night, during the blowing snow storm, there were 1,600 crashes across southern Ontario. There have been over 600 collisions in the GTA since Thursday.

Eight police cruisers were struck by passing vehicles and two officers received minor injuries.

"If you see emergency lights activated on an emergency vehicle Slow Down and Move Over as you approach and pass," the OPP tweeted on Saturday.

During the storm, more than 400 stranded drivers had to be rescued and taken to shelters to wait out the winds. 

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  1. DW posted on 01/26/2014 10:34 AM
    Highway maintenance has become a a patchwork at best since the late nineties. You might remember that another great policy of the Duffer Harris Dark Ages was the downloading of thousands and thousands of kilometres of provincial highways to townships, villiages and counties. Potholes and snow removal were turned over to private contractors so they could make a big buck. Highway 2, over 800 km is a patchwork of maintenance contracts since it is no longer a provincial road. Same for 27, 88, 45, 46, 47 and major parts of 7 and 11.
    Have you seen a snow fence on an Ontario road in the last 25 years? Can't wait for the next shoe to drop when Tim Who-Dat comes up with transportation policy!!!
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