GTAA Launches Complaints Website

Airports authority launches website to hear passengers’ complaints about January 6th “ground stop”.

If you were among the thousands of travelers who were left stranded following a decision to call a “ground stop” at Pearson airport on January 6th.  Airport officials said the intense cold caused problems for the equipment and the ground crews who had to endure the frigid weather.  The “ground stop” call halted all North American flights from landing at the airport for almost half a day.  It took days for operations at Pearson to return to normal. 

The website allows those who were delayed during the days of chaos that followed the “ground stop” to vent their concerns and frustrations over their experience. 

Members of the public as well as employees at the airport are also encouraged to have their say.

Earlier this month the Greater Toronto Airports Authority announced that it would launch a review of the “ground stop” decision.   The review is expected to take 90 days.

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  1. john posted on 01/28/2014 10:55 AM
    in other news the website crashed last night by people who got on the site and overloaded the site with tones of complaints forcing the site to shut down . the rep for the airport apologize saying quote ( we really don't give a shit what people say we are not reading them we just put the site up to stop the bad PR we plain to use this as a way to dumb down the builshit excuse to raise the prices for service . )

    if only thay were this honest but i doubt it .
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