Update: Man Charged after Toddler left Unattended in Freezing Car

The 2-year old's father has been charged by York Regional Police

(The Canadian Press)

York Regional Police have charged a man after a toddler was left unattended inside a parked car Tuesday night during frigid temperatures.

The 2-year old girl was left unattended in the car which was parked outside at Costco store at Highway 7 and Woodbine for about 40 minutes.

Police say a passerby noticed her and called for help around 7pm.  The girl was dressed for the weather and was not hurt.

With windchill, the temperature in Markham felt like -29.

The tot's father, a 39-year old man from Toronto, faces charges of abandoning a child.

Under the Criminal Code, the maximum sentence for anyone who abandons or exposes a child under the age of 10 so that the child's life is endangered or could be permanently injured is 5 years.

The Children's Aid Society is investigating and police say it is possible that case workers will pay a visit to the family home.

The father's court appearance is scheduled for February 26th.

Authorities have not released his name.

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  1. Lisa posted on 01/29/2014 09:03 AM
    Let's hope his wife has contacted a divorce attorney.
    What was this idiot thinking?
    Obviously he wasn't.
  2. john posted on 01/29/2014 12:19 PM
    i wish we had a dumbass charge .
  3. Karl Burgin posted on 01/29/2014 02:03 PM
    What if the car was stolen?
    What if the kid was choking in his sleep?
    What if someone crashed into the vehicle- even if it's parked?

    Genuine accidents do happen- this doesn't count....
    Always, always, always keep your eyes on your kid. Always.
    *Even if they're sleeping. Bring them with you and keep an eye on your kid.
    *Even if its a hassle unbuckling the seatbelt, and bringing them out in the bitter cold, bring them with you- and keep your eyes on your kid
    *Even if your doing a stop for five minutes, bring your kid with you- and keep your eyes on your kid.

    Anything can happen- keep your eyes on your kid. Always, always, always.

    Can't stress enough how important that is.
    And I'm pretty sure this is a life-lesson this guy has learned from, and will probably never forget.
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