Former Pan-Am chair gets a $500k+ severance package

Organizing committee says cost will be absorbed by budget

If you're fired as the CEO of the Pan Am Games, you'll get a severance package worth $534,800.

That's what Ian Troop will be receiving according to the Pan Am 2015 Organizing Committee.

The settlement includes a cash payment of $478,200, deferred retirement benefits including an RRSP of $27,300 and health benefits through the severance period of $15,800.

Troop was fired in December. The move came after the former CEO came under fire for his expenses.

He made $390,000 a year.

In a statement, Pan Am chair David Peterson said the costs would be absorbed by the Game's overall budget.

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  1. Frankie posted on 01/31/2014 01:57 PM
    What a Liberal scam. IMO many things David Peterson is involved with ends up with issues. He had the worst Liberal government until McGuinty took over. Peterson's gov't was so bad Ontario voted Bob Rae's NDP in.

    Just wait for the final numbers for these games. How many billions will have been wasted?
    1. dama posted on 01/31/2014 03:19 PM
      @Frankie Thats why in politic, you dont burn the bridge after
      you are not in power anymore. you just have to be a faithful
      party member and you will be rewarded to be a Chair in this and that..

      Wynne has rewarded a few party faithful in chairing in a few commissions she had set up... remember the revenue tool commssion that was awarded to one of her lady friend...

      The sad part is the Liberal might win another minority in the next election.. Tim Huudak is just killing himself and his party with the Right to Work platform... union will not support that..
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