Mayor Ford ticketed in Vancouver area for jaywalking

Mayor Rob Ford tells the Toronto Sun he received a $109 ticket for crossing against a red light

Mayor Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford says he has been ticketed in the Vancouver area for jaywalking. 

Ford tells Toronto Sun columnist and Newstalk 1010 host Joe Warmington that he was crossing the street near his hotel in Coquitlam Friday night when he was approached by an officer who told him he was jaywalking, crossing against a red light. 

Ford says he and former staffer David Price were ticketed $109. Ford is in Vancouver this weekend to attend a memorial service for Price's mother.

The mayor says he was speechless and embarassed because people were taking photos. 

Ford denied reports that he was also given a citation for public intoxication.

"All I have had here is a diet coke," he tells Warmington.

There are reports that the mayor visited the Foggy Dew Irish pub in the area in the evening hours. Several pictures have been posted to social media.

Ford's spokesperson has not returned our request for a comment.


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  1. donny p. posted on 02/01/2014 07:31 AM
    The other papers report that he was yelling at the cop, had to bring in a supervisor...another spoiled rich kid who considers himself above the law. Yet he insists that Toronto peds and cyclists follow the law. Another Robby hypocrite moment...should have gone to The Super Bowl, but they won't let him into America, so he needs to break the law in Canada.

    One paper reports that he was cautioned about public intoxication with his buddy Price, but he's lying about that too.
    1. JohnVoter posted on 02/01/2014 09:03 AM
      @donny p. "Above the law".... are you kidding me?? who hasn't J walked before and its only Municipal laws, it would be the same as not shoveling your driveway. Every one against this man LOVES turning ant hills into mountains... so do me a favor (big time haters and big time lovers of Ford) chill out and let the man live his life... If he gets in next year then he gets in..
    2. Cynthia posted on 02/01/2014 09:11 AM
      @donny p. If all jay walkers were given a ticket or attention paid to anyone else like they do Ford, we would not have to pay any tax at all.
      The media are totally without conscience or morals.
    3. donny p. posted on 02/01/2014 09:22 AM
      @Cynthia My point is that Toronto police are encouraged to ticket jay walkers, during the safety blitz campaigns they'll ticket >130 scofflaws at a single designated intersection. Robby encourages our police to do this so his screaming at the police in Vancouver, saying that he was being targeted, saying he should be exempt because he supports the police is just more Robby hypocrisy...Toronto has had enough of his crap...if he wants to ticket us, then he should suck it up and take his medicine.

      Ford Nation assholes should understand one is above the law, especially in Vancouver where they enforce their jay walking laws...too bad he didn't try this in California, he'd be tasered if he screamed at the cops...they do that in San Diego every day.
    4. Mark7 posted on 02/01/2014 11:28 AM
      @JohnVoter The Ford Haters Club members continually show their desperation. They cannot handle the fact that Rob will win again. These people have no shame, yet they say this about Rob. Lefties are always the biggest hypocrites.

  2. Ken posted on 02/01/2014 09:37 AM
    Was he crossing on the red or J walking in the middle of the block? Most people don't cross on the red but do j walk I think that is an important difference.
  3. Stephen posted on 02/01/2014 09:58 AM
    The issue is not the ticket, the issue is as mayor of Toronto, Ford should have thanked the officer for doing her job, apologized and said he made a mistake and that no one should think themselves above even the lowest of laws. But we are talking about Ford so never mind.... This will probably give Ford the idea that he could save the tax payers of Toronto tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the jaywalking law!
    1. Mark7 posted on 02/01/2014 11:19 AM
      @Stephen Are you for real? ROFL I am sure when you get a speeding ticket you always thank the officer. ROFL again
  4. JohnVoter posted on 02/01/2014 10:29 AM
    Marni Soupcoff, puts it very well.

    Rob Ford has proven himself to be unpolished, undignified, inarticulate, petulant and impulsive. This displeases many people for obvious reasons, but it particularly disgusts politicians and reporters, who operate in a sphere where the opposite characteristics are considered emblematic of virtue. Yet for many voters, the more relevant questions when a judging a politician are: Is he a greedy bastard and has he tried to screw me over? So far, despite all the disastrous things that have happened, the answer to those questions as they pertain to Rob Ford remains no.

    To further her point im and not in the Media, I am not living outside Toronto I am a TAXPAYER, Like all regular people I am willing to give up a little class and prestige for the benefit of saving money. Its the same reason I shop at No Frills.. Yes its rough around the edges and there are no fancy decor but its functional for its purpose and works good enough for me.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 02/03/2014 11:28 AM
      @JohnVoter VERY well said on all accounts. Let's see how Donny P. responds to someone who lives IN Toronto, and thinks the same as I do.
  5. john posted on 02/01/2014 10:35 AM
    oh so u can get charged taking to jay Leno i did not know that was a law . interesting .
  6. Thor posted on 02/01/2014 10:48 AM
    Maybe it wasn't diet Coke...? Hmmmmmmmmmmm???
    1. donny p. posted on 02/01/2014 04:49 PM
      @Thor Good catch, he looks rat-assed pissed in the posted pics...he should have listed to that caution about public intoxication.
  7. Mark7 posted on 02/01/2014 11:25 AM
    TO ALL POSTERS...Please do not reply to donny p's posts as he is nothing but a troll who spews nonsense and very racist comments. Just look at previous weeks of posts by him. He says he speaks for all Jews. He says they hate Israel. This is intollerable propaganda. He should be brought up on hate charges. Most have already turned their backs on this mess of a person.

    1. donny p. posted on 02/01/2014 06:27 PM

      I like you, you make me laugh.
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 02/03/2014 11:30 AM
      @Mark7 I'm almost tempted to start a campaign against this racist monster of a troll.
      Who pretends to be all logical and sane when people agree with him. But turn into a narcissistic a-hole that spews racist bull-crap when he can't change someone's mind.

      This should be the new tagline: Don't Feed the Troll. Let him starve...
  8. Mark7 posted on 02/01/2014 11:32 AM
    Donny p is at it again folks. What are the names of these "other" papers or links to quoted comments. This pathological liar has been caught yet again. If there is other papers saying what donny mentioned here, then they are pathological liars as well, looking for sales like the Tabloid Star. I cancelled my subscription to this embarrassment of a paper long ago because of their shameful attacks on Rob.
  9. kenfromcanada posted on 02/01/2014 12:04 PM

    Many of us here have asked donny p(utz) to prove various allegations, but, as is the way of his type, he accuses the accuser - an old, old trick.
    Many of us here have significant others - in the donny p(utz) case, most likely his right hand, but, in the off chance he managed to find a partner, I wonder if that person reads his posts?
    Couldn't be too proud of him.

    1. Mark7 posted on 02/01/2014 12:11 PM
      @kenfromcanada hahaha :)
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 02/03/2014 11:33 AM
      @kenfromcanada Agreed....any the abrasive language he uses doesn't help either..even after you politely try to get him to express himself without the spewage protruding from his vile mouth.
      I've got family members who read these posts as well- especially after what I've written. The vile responses and racial slurs they find repulsing...
  10. DW posted on 02/01/2014 04:53 PM
    Yes!!! Great job and commendations to RCMP - Coquitlam - well he still has New West, Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Poco, Maple Ridge, Delta, North Van, West Van, Port Moody (they got their own cops) to rack up some more misdemeanours........................Book em Danno
  11. REALITY BITES posted on 02/01/2014 07:10 PM
    Rob Bieber ... at it again (still) (always) (non-stop)
    1. Mark7 posted on 02/01/2014 10:22 PM
      @REALITY BITES Don't be hating. Just let it go for crying out loud.
  12. danieljchristie posted on 02/01/2014 09:46 PM
    BREAKING NEWS: Reliable sources now confirm that the real reason Ford and Price, both dedicated football fans and spread bettors , went to Vancouver was because they believed the Superbowl was broadcast three hours earlier in Vancouver than in Toronto and that they would know the outcome in time to place late Vegas bets before anyone in the East. Bet on it....
    1. Mark7 posted on 02/01/2014 10:25 PM
      @danieljchristie Good joke, lol Proline made that mistake once when they first got involved in soccer. Do you really think ANYONE would mess up with bets via different timezones again?
  13. DW posted on 02/02/2014 01:06 PM
    Relax Ford Nation .............. Fearless Leader is returning ....................he will set his sights on the sidewalks of Toronto as he continues his war on the pedestrian.......

    The hiliarious stuff is that the Mayor of Coquitlam has no sympathy for the newest member of the $109 club
  14. Angry Bill posted on 02/03/2014 10:48 AM
    Meh, this sort of thing by any municipality is more a revenue generating tool than having anything to do with safety.

    I highly suspect this cop was watching Ford closely, and chortled in glee when he saw an opportunity to give Ford a ticket, under the auspices of "just doing his job". He was unimpeachable. Now he gets to go back to the station and say "I just gave Rob Ford a ticket!"

    Anyone.. you, me, the person across from you staring at you suspiciously.. anyone, if they are watched long and hard enough, will eventually be seen to commit some sort of infraction somewhere. If anyone here says they have never crossed a street in the middle instead of at the crosswalk, I have no problems at all in calling you a liar.

    Bottom line, this is ONLY news because it is Rob Ford.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 02/03/2014 11:40 AM
      @Angry Bill Well said Bill....couldn't have said it any better myself.

      I really would like to know the mental state of the editors who clear these stories- thinking its news we desperately need to know.
    2. Mark7 posted on 02/03/2014 12:06 PM
      @Angry Bill Bang on the point.
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