NDP steps up battle against ATM fees

Party wants cap of 50 cents per transaction

The NDP is renewing its mission to cap ATM fees.

A motion calling for the cap will be debated in the House of Commons on Monday. It urges the Conservative government to take action on ATM fees in its upcoming federal budget.

Glenn Thibeault, the NDP's consumer affairs critics, says Canadians shouldn't have to pay two or three dollars to withdraw their own money from bank machines, particularly when it costs banks as little as 36 cents to complete the transaction.

The NDP proposal would cap ATM withdrawal fees at 50 cents per transaction.

During question period in the House of Commons last week, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper whether the budget, to be tabled Feb. 11, will tackle the issue of ATM fees.

Mulcair asked Harper whether he'd make good on his promise in last fall's Throne Speech to rein in basic banking fees and fees at ATMs and on credit cards.

Harper responded by saying that his government has raised concerns about "certain banking fees and practices on consumers and small business." But he didn't say whether the budget would address ATM fees.

October's Throne Speech also included a pledge by the government to outlaw charges levied by banks on customers who receive paper bills. There's been no legislation, however, on the issue.

The NDP has long called for a cap of ATM fees. In 2007, former leader Jack Layton announced a national campaign to mobilize consumers in a fight against the country's big banks.

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  1. Frankie posted on 02/02/2014 01:03 PM
    How about motivating citizens to the uncontrollable government spending. That's something they have control over vs private enterprise and affects citizens a lot more than ATM fees. Why would we expect the NDP to address this vs legislation against private industry?
    1. Jack posted on 02/03/2014 08:24 AM
      @Frankie The NDP will -NEVER- address the bloated public sector or government waste; their entire platform is built on taxing hard-working citizens into poverty, so that losers on welfare can live a middle-class life they've done nothing to earn.

      The only option for any Canadian with fiscal sense and something to lose is the Conservatives.
    2. AC posted on 02/03/2014 09:59 AM
      @Jack sure it is! i believe you. we did just fine before Harper came along. if we had Harper when Iraq was invaded we would be right there in a illegal war at a cost of billions and billions plus Canadian lives. the best thing this country ever did was stay away.
      If we hadn't called them out on it and stopped them in their tracks. we would have billion $$ jets doing laps around the north pole by now. jets we don't need at that costs and we would be paying for it the rest of our lives.
      i won't even get on our loss of respect around the world on ethics in the middle east, the environment at home. we have no sway at the UN because of Harpers policies we never gained a seat. enjoy the next 18 months or whatever is left
    3. Angry Bill posted on 02/03/2014 10:13 AM
      @AC Nothing you just said invalidates any of the points that Jack made.
    4. Frankie posted on 02/03/2014 10:46 AM
      @AC NDP continues to demonstrate how irrelevant they are with this non-issue. AC, you have valid points re Iraq, possibly jets, however Harper has kept us from a fiscal path many other countries suffered. Martin may not have been a great PM however he was a terrific Finance Minister.

      As to UN and respect, who cares about respect from some of the Arab countries (and Iran) bent on the destruction of Israel. The UN is so morally bankrupt (eg. Saudi Arabia, Iran on Human Rights Council) it's a farce.

      UN has spent more time on Israel than any other country, despite some of the worst abuses by certain African countries. The Arab countries don't give a rat's behind about the Palestinians. Have you ever heard the UN sanctioning Jordan for throwing out 450,000 Palestinians that used to live there? I didn't think so.

      No country is perfect however the complete lack of balance on this issue demonstrates the level of prejudice that few have the confidence to stand up to, Harper being one of them.
    5. Angry Bill posted on 02/03/2014 10:57 AM
      @Frankie The only point I'll address is Martin being a terrific finance minister. I believe that was due in large part not by him being a genius, but in him off loading everything to the provinces. So, he could say "Look, MY desk is clean!" but the provinces were left saying, "WTF, dude??!!?"
    6. AC posted on 02/03/2014 04:05 PM
      @Angry Bill i know Mr. Bill fiscal sense and possibly engaging in a war if Harper was around under Bush's reign would of been the fiscal responsible thing to do. the Americans never regretted spending the funds to enter an illegal war on a credit card. I'm sure you also believe the conservatives will never raise taxes. I'm sure you believe Ford would never ever ever raise taxes Bill. I'm sure Tim Hudak would never raise taxes also.
      they will raise taxes/cut services/cut programs and lower corporate rates even more and say we are helping the poor by creating jobs. except those jobs will be outsourced for even lower wages hurting Canadians even more.
      A strong bargaining labour force will guarantee fairness for the middle class
    7. Jack posted on 02/03/2014 04:45 PM
      @AC I'm sorry, did you just use "bargaining" and "labour force" in the same sentence? You may need a dictionary; when garbagemen turn the streets of Toronto into a mountain of trash in the middle of summer, letting vermin and God-knows-what-else breed in it, that's not bargaining.

      When teachers decide to jeopardize our children's educations in order to fatten their own wallets, that's not bargaining either.

      When bus drivers shut down all transit north of Highway 7 and hold the livelihoods of 40,000 York Region residents for ransom for four months, that's DEFINITELY not bargaining.

      The word for this sort of behaviour is extortion, and the only people it benefits are union leaders like Sid Ryan or Bob Kinnear, and the laziest members of their goon squad who would never hold down a steady job otherwise.
    8. Frankie posted on 02/03/2014 05:16 PM
      @AC When a TTC maintenance employee is physically threatened for working too hard after his first day on the job, do you call that a "strong bargaining labour force guaranteeing fairness"?

      When 3 City of Toronto Parks employees take 5 days to work on a tiny patch of flowers that anyone with a green thumb could do in 2 hours do you call that a "strong bargaining labour force guaranteeing fairness"?

      The middle class is being screwed by public unions by having to work harder to pay more taxes to support this abuse.

      If that's what you call fair what would you call unfair?
    9. Jack posted on 02/03/2014 05:29 PM
      @Frankie I'm pretty sure our friend AC is a union lifer, accustomed to their secret language where "democracy" translates to "what the union wants, the union gets." It's all very 1984.
  2. Keith m posted on 02/02/2014 06:19 PM
    Honestly if you are withdrawing so frequently that ATM fees are an issue then there are alternatives (apart from the big 5) out there that can offer good deals. I really don't see why the government has to get involved here and frankly I think the official opposition (regardless of who it is) should have bigger concerns in mind.
    1. Angry Bill posted on 02/03/2014 10:10 AM
      @Keith m If you can live without the "services" that "real" banks offer, PC Financial is great for everyday chequing account use. Zero fees, including if you withdraw from PC machines at the grocery store, or any CIBC machine, as CIBC is owned by the same people who own PC Financial.

      It is freaking awesome to pay zero banking fees. If you require business services, however, you're out of luck. You're stuck with real banks with real high fees.
  3. john posted on 02/03/2014 10:55 AM
    we should not have to pay for it period . banks are to greedy . there the reasion why stuff like bit coin is getting popular . that and the blood sucking leaches politicians and government and all the bags of scum cant touch it . lol . lol . not even your ex wife . ( hint for men who are splitting up with there wife . she is taking him to the cleaners witch is the only thing thay are good at these days . ) *cough * anyways hearing that the bankers are freaking out about bit coin makes me laugh cause thay deserve it . thay should be scard .
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