WATCH: Budget: No negotiating, sweeping cuts or 'reckless spending'

Ontario's finance minister continues pre-budget consultations

The province's finance minister says there won't be across the board cuts in this year's budget or what he calls 'reckless spending.' Charles Sousa made the comments before a pre-budget consultation in downtown Toronto.

Sousa also underlines he won't be negotiating with the NDP this time around but says any ideas are welcome.

Last year, the NDP approached the province with a list of budget must-haves, which led to negotiations both before and after the budget was tabled.  

The minority Liberals are hoping for the NDP to prop up the government again this spring, by either voting for the budget or abstaining. The Tories have already said they would vote against it.

Sousa underlines he has "no desire" for an election this year.

The finance minister has yet to give a budget date, saying only it will be tabled sometime this spring.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 02/03/2014 04:45 PM
    Who do you think the NDP will get into bed with, this time?

    The NDP had a chance to be considered a viable party last time around, they chose not to avail themselves of that opportunity. I have little hope this time around they'll be any different.

    Like the old joke goes... we already know what TYPE of woman you are.. now we're just haggling over price.
  2. Frankie posted on 02/03/2014 05:06 PM
    BS they'd listen to suggestions. They hired Don Drummond who gave them a shopping list of what to do to help our economy then ignored it completely. Wynne had a panel advise on minimum wage then she ignored their suggestions.

    These Liberals are liars, "thieves", incompetent morons; the worst government this province has had to endure for a very long time.

    The more money we give them the more they will ruin our province.

    However we have morons as Liberal voters who will keep voting them in. I wonder if those same morons would still give their money to Madoff to invest.
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