ATHLETE PROFILE: Erin Mielzynski

Erin's biggest inspiration is her grandpa, who taught her how to ski and will be watching from home on his new big screen TV.

The first memory 23-year-old Erin Mielzynski has of skiing is travelling to Colorado with her grandparents.

"I remember my grandpa setting up poles for us, and we would ski around his actual ski poles," she says.

They would compete as a family in recreational NASTAR races there.

"I'd race my grandpa all the time and he still jokes that he could kick my butt."

In his 80s, her grandpa still skis. But when Erin competes in women's slalom in Sochi, he's going to be sitting on his couch.

"He made a huge new cabinet for his TV, and he bought a new flat screen," she says.

He will be watching her from home and that will mean everything to Erin - her grandpa is her biggest inspiration.


"My grandpa has this love for life and love for adventure that I have barely seen in anyone else," she says.

Erin strives for that same kind of passion. None of this, though, is what she says goes through her mind while she's going down the slope.

"I'm very focused," she says. "I try to feel the skiing, get into the rhythm of the course."

Break the focus at any point, and you could be out of the race.

"We hit more than one gate every second, so it's very fast."

In Sochi, Erin says she is hoping for a couple of things. First, she wants to put together her best two runs and wherever they get her is where she says she deserves to be.

Second, knowing her grandpa will be watching, "that I bring pride to him no matter what happens when I stand in the start."

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  1. john posted on 02/05/2014 11:20 AM
    shes hot .
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