WATCH: Amazing Transport Truck near miss

Driver comes around a corner, only to find another transport truck in his lane!

This story played out in Northern Ontario, where on January 4th, the driver of a transport truck escaped what could have been a fatal collision.

Art Ginter was the driver who was forced off the road, when he came around a bend on Highway 11, only to find another transport truck in his lane.

According to the OPP, that driver was passing a snow plow, up a hill, while on a snowy road on a solid double yellow line.

No contact was made between the two vehciles, but Ginter took evasive action, hitting the guard rail.

The driver of the other vehicle has been identified as a 31 year old man from Milton, but he hasn't yet been charged.

You can hear the panic in Ginter's voice as he stares death in the eyes...

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 02/06/2014 05:11 PM
    Hope that truck driver brought a clean pair of underwear with him.. it sure sounded like he needed it.

    Yeah.. very, very lucky he didn't wind up rolling down the hill.

    The other truck driver was so incredibly stupid, it just boggles the mind. Truck drivers love to complain about all the stupid car drivers out there, but not all of the stupid drivers are in cars. Some are in trucks. That guy needs to have his license cut up into tiny bits, and should never be behind a wheel again, if this is an example of the sort of decisions he likes to make.
  2. TBITechnologies posted on 02/07/2014 02:39 AM
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