Toronto's unemployment rate sits 1.4% above national average

Statistics Canada says Toronto's unemployment rate shrank in January as the national jobless rate fell

Toronto's unemployment rate dropped by 0.1 percent in January
Photo: CTV News

Statistics Canada says the Canadian economy gained 29,400 jobs in January and the unemployment rate fell 0.2 percentage points to 7.0 percent as the number of full-time jobs increased.

The increase was offset by 25,000 fewer people working in business, building and other support services, as well as 16,000 fewer employees in public administration.

Employment in Ontario fell 0.4 percentage points to 7.5 percent as fewer people looked for work, Statistics Canada said.

Toronto's unemployment rate went lower by 0.1 percent in January, to 8.4 percent -- 1.4 percent above the national average.

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  1. DW posted on 02/07/2014 11:48 AM
    This can't be true.......................Robbie says we are booming, booming.................Dougie says looks at the cranes, booming
  2. Jack posted on 02/07/2014 01:48 PM
    If we would just come to our senses and cut back on our public sector, we could cut back on our taxes. If we cut back on our taxes, then more businesses could actually afford to operate in Ontario, and we wouldn't see this kind of unemployment.

    Right-to-work is what we need! Hudak for Premier!
    1. Robert posted on 02/07/2014 02:38 PM
      @Jack That sounds like the start of a good rally chant. "Right to work is what we need! No more unions or their greed!"
    2. Tom posted on 02/07/2014 03:20 PM
      @Jack that's an option but let me run this one by you Jack.
      We bitch slap Hudak at the next election whenever that is. make sure we never hear from him again then we increase corporate taxes. apparently they pay little to none. put in regulations that they can't pass on those taxes to hard working families. they outsource out of the country for cheap labour we increase their taxes more.
      billions and billions out there in unpaid corporate taxes that can go to things like funding transit/education/health care
    3. Angry Bill posted on 02/07/2014 03:41 PM
      @Tom Under that scenario, Tom, can you explain to me exactly why any company would want to remain in this province, much less set up shop here? What would keep them from closing down and moving elsewhere? They would stay here because.. they like us?
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