UPDATED: Hot game ''Flappy Bird'' grounded

Game-maker Dong Nguyen says he ''cannot take this anymore''

A successful smartphone game has flown the coop.

The creator of highly addictive and difficult Flappy Bird pulled the game from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Sunday at noon.

The main objective is to steer a bird clear of obstacles by tapping your device.

Despite how simple it seems, many frustrated users have taken to social media to vent about how difficult the game is to play. And it's that criticism that appears to have led creator Dong Nguyen to put the bird back in the cage.

"It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore," he tweeted.

True to Nguyen's word the game vanished Sunday afternoon, though the change doesn't affect existing downloads.

At least one eBay seller has listed an iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird pre-loaded on the site for $650.

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