Holyday mum on latest Ford drama

PC MPP says city hall issues were part of his old job as deputy mayor

As Mayor Rob Ford launches his new Ford Nation web series, his former right-hand man is trying to distance himself from the the scandal that surrounds the mayor's office.

Doug Holyday was by the mayor's side as his deputy when he was at city hall and even though he's now at Queen's Park, the PC MPP has been asked to weigh in on his friend's situation over and over again.

However now, Holyday is trying to pull back by not commenting on the latest in the drama surrounding the mayor, underlining his has a new job.

Holyday says he hasn't been paying attention to everything that's been happening at city hall.

He also wouldn't wade into the controversy surrounding the rainbow flag at city hall, saying that's the mayor's decision.  All three parties at Queen's Park have decided to fly the flag during the Olympics.


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  1. sally posted on 02/10/2014 04:00 PM
    Are you disappointed that Holyday doesn't want to trash the Mayor. Could it be he has integrity and decency? kinda rare these days, isn't it?
    1. canuckistani posted on 02/10/2014 04:11 PM
      @sally No, he has been muzzled by Hudak. If I hear one more con spend one minute on law and order this election, i'll laugh.

      Ford and his stooge brother have made a mockery of that whole plank.

      Holyday's grand plan is to extend the subway from Kipling to Sherway. That's it. No money, no alignment to the party or the feds. Just like TommyBoy's plan for anything.

      He has little to say for a reason.
  2. dama posted on 02/12/2014 03:24 PM
    The sad truth is that every reporters from alll News agencies will question
    anyone that is or was associated with Rob Ford and Doug Holyday will not escape any questions pertaining to Rob Ford and he was right in answering the way he did.

    and reporters being the way they are.. they will push him to say something they like to hear.. especially something negatives..

    These city hall reporters have lost a lot of credibility in this RF saga.. and they are just wasting their time for RF has been silence.. as not answering their questions..
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