Rainbow flag to fly at Queen's Park

Province will show solidarity with LGBT athletes in Sochi

The province will be flying a rainbow flag to show its support for gay athletes in Russia.

The premier's office says all three house leaders have agreed to do so, underlining Kathleen Wynne "believes that one of Ontario’s greatest strengths is our multicultural society."

In an statement, staff say "Premier Wynne does not support intolerance of any group regardless of their faith or identity and she rejects the Russian government’s discriminatory laws."

PC MPP Doug Holyday says he's not going to oppose the gesture.

NDP House leader Gilles Bisson says Ontario is tolerant and flying the rainbow flag is a natural thing to do.

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  1. danieljchristie posted on 02/10/2014 05:06 PM
    Well...that should solve the problem of Rob Ford dropping in. The Rainbow Flag is to Robbie what a crucifix is to Dracula.
  2. don was right posted on 02/11/2014 12:15 PM
    ah yes Katkleen's personal flag. Will we see it on all liberal ads? What would Pauline Marois say?
  3. don was right posted on 02/11/2014 12:19 PM
    so she will loudly and proudly support the faith objectives of Trinity Law school? Fly the Catholic flag off the government building? I am waiting.
  4. Joe posted on 02/12/2014 05:27 AM
    Oh, Mr. Putin will be really scared now and upset? I hope gives everyone a warm fuzzy and it will look like we are doing something, people will take notice and the Russians will do something just because Toronto is flying the flag! Seriously, give your head a shake!
  5. Jim posted on 02/14/2014 07:39 AM
    What a joke. This is only happening because it involves gays. If a country had anti-black laws would we fly the symbol of the Black Panthers? Or fly the symbol of Hezbollah if a country had anti-arab laws? Or fly the Swaztika if a country had anti-white laws?

    Grow up. This is Canada. One nation. One flag.
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