LISTEN: Sit-in at Rob Ford's office pledges full-time presence, part-time hours

38-year old web designer Chris Caple's demonstration is a way for professionals to protest

Protesters pledge to sit outside Rob Ford's office until the Mayor leaves for good
Photo: James Moore/NEWSTALK 1010

The latest demonstration to set up outside the Mayor's office has a promise:

We're not going away until Rob Ford does.

38-year old web designer Chris Caple is assembling a roster of part-time protesters.  His plan is for a at least one person to sit on the floor outside the Mayor's office in shifts until Ford leaves his post for good.

"The thing that has pushed me over the edge is his open embrace of homophobia -- I can't tolerate that.  I can't stand for that," he says.

While there are only a handful of people involved as of Wednesday afternoon, Caple says he's getting a lot of support online and believes the movement is growing.

He's been spreading the word through a Twitter account and a website called

"Hardly anybody can afford to take a full day out of their schedule to protest ... but with something like this that is here all the time, people can come whenever they can," Caple says.

Kitchen designer Geoff Martin joined Caple on the second floor of City Hall.

"If anybody in the private sector has done what (Rob Ford) has done in terms of drinking and drugs, they would not be running that corporation anymore," he says.

Martin scoffs at Ford's claim that he is the advocate of Toronto's tax payers.

"I pay more property taxes to get what I need in this city and I am so sick of him cutting everything," he says.

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  1. Dean posted on 02/12/2014 06:51 PM
    Talk about immature. If you want Ford gone, do what grown-ups do: wait for the election and cast your ballot like everyone else.

    And don't be surprised when the ballots speak up and tell you that the rest of us are sick and tired of wasteful left-wing spending, so much so that a bigot with a crack-pipe is preferable to a hippie with her hand in our wallets.
    1. DJ posted on 02/12/2014 10:19 PM
      @Dean You're right. Why exercise the right to free speech or the civic responsibility to stand up to political corruption. Too bad you weren't around to give the allies advice in 1945. We could have just waited until Hitler was voted out of office.
    2. Dean posted on 02/13/2014 09:07 AM
      @DJ You're absolutely right, those are identical scenarios. I completely forgot about Ford's campaign of world conquest, or that death camp he's running up by Don Mills.
    3. dama posted on 02/14/2014 02:33 PM
      @Dean I say it.. good sarcastic reply..

    4. Karl Burgin posted on 02/14/2014 03:15 PM
      @dama I second it.... ;p
  2. Mark7 posted on 02/12/2014 07:57 PM
    Typical bunch of pinheads using the word that makes no sense, homophobia.

    A phobia is a fear of something. Gay have their thought processes so messed up that they cannot even get their grammar correct. We do not fear gays, some of us just will never approve of the lifestyle. As Canadians that is our right too!
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 02/13/2014 12:59 PM
      @Mark7 They made a mistake when they called these people professionals.
      Because no "professional" in their right mind is going to waste time protesting outside Ford's office.
      Unless you count the Donny P. "types" as professionals.....
    2. Mark7 posted on 02/13/2014 07:11 PM
      @Karl Burgin Yes. Like donny p they are professional losers in life.
  3. kenfromcanada posted on 02/12/2014 09:33 PM

    The homophobic, racist, anti-semitic neo nazi of this site - DONNY the PUTZ calling someone a 'reject' - he made my day!!
    1. Mark7 posted on 02/13/2014 04:11 AM
      @kenfromcanada He gives us our daily chuckle. lol
  4. newearthling posted on 02/12/2014 11:57 PM
    Project Brazen 2 investigation is still ongoing. There will be arrests. Rob Ford may be connected to murder, as well as other criminal activities. This is besides his addiction and mental health issues. To top it off, he is just not good for the job! He has no vision, no new ideas, is not able to work well with others, doesn't follow protocol, etc. He works for 3 hours a day at a salary of $175 000. He is riding the gravy train! . We don't need to be paying him so much money to do nothing. He needs to see that people do not approve of him. He needs to go now.
    1. Mark7 posted on 02/13/2014 04:13 AM
      @newearthling Put the blame where it is due, city council. What do you expect Rob to accomplish with the city illegally taking away his powers?
  5. Carol Ann posted on 02/13/2014 08:24 AM
    Well if taking away his powers is what kept him from doing anything, what is his reason for being present..He should have been embarrassed and left..Got ready for the next election. Another thing, you do not get to redefine your interpetation of any of those bad verbs..they are what they are, much like Rob Ford..As a mayor of Toronto, you are not supposed to be any ..but to bare faced admit you are a homophobic, you should not ever have a seat anywhere...
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 02/13/2014 01:01 PM
      @Carol Ann "Well if taking away his powers is what kept him from doing anything, what is his reason for being present..."

      Its called democracy Carol Ann... and the last time I checked, there was a democratic vote to vote him out, or to not re-elect him.

      So yeah, he has every right to be the mayor to the city of Toronto.
  6. Mark7 posted on 02/13/2014 11:07 AM
    A phobia is a fear, and Rob does not fear gays nor the rest of us who do not approve of this sick lifestyle. See how far this has went? If you do the morally right thing and disapprove you are labeled. Strange how those in the wrong TRY to make it the hetero's problem. These people need to get a life!
  7. Art MacDonald posted on 02/13/2014 11:41 AM
    what is this...the middle don't like someone so you find a way to gang up on him and force him out..............what are elections for..............rob ford's never been charged or convicted of anything...........he stays......I know what it's like....I was brutally harassed and persecuted as a teacher in Ontario for being a volunteer hs football coach....I lost my job, home and family twice as a result of mob mentality in two school boards.....he stays until he's elected out,....not forced out by a mob of cowards............
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 02/13/2014 01:13 PM
      @Art MacDonald Even beyond that, what the extreme Ford opposition fail to realize, is that in their attempt to extricate Ford from the mayor's chair by any means necessary, it will undoubtedly set a new precedent. A new precedent has already been set by the way news is reported- or what seems to count as news. Not to mention the "bottoming-out" of journalism of which the Star, and most of the lot at CP24 (***cough***Katie Simpson ***cough***).
      You are absolutely correct it is a mob mentality. And whether Rob Ford gets re-elected or not, I hope those who take part in this public lynching, or are involved in spreading such an attitude in the social media circles, are prepared to deal with the new precedent that they would have set- for everybody.
      And that new precedent would be:
      *Stripping future mayors of powers despite being democratically elected
      *There is no such thing as personal time. So any private life incident that makes it into the public light is fair game
      *Planting and spreading rumors, before the truth/facts is properly revealed
      *Having the media become like maggots in hounding down public officials
      *Prying behind fences, bushes and encroaching onto someone's home seem to be acceptable behaviour
      *Threatening lawsuits because of terms implied- but when the reverse happens, everyone is ok with it
      *Having annoying citizens nit-pick at everything the mayor does, which ends up having half his time spent in court, just as much as it is spent in office

      I could go on and on.....but the bottom line is this...

      The ends does not justify the means. If you don't like the man, vote him out if you can. If he's democratically elected as mayor, sit down and shut-up till the next election.
  8. frank posted on 02/13/2014 03:43 PM
    He should bring his cheque book to pay the $15K per household 'financial tools' the liberals will download on him without our resident linebacker to force them back.

    p.s. if coverage were more even you would already know that the mayor supports gays as you would have seen the news footage. You've been played.
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