Rainbow Flag Flies at Queen's Park

Wynne calls Olympics an 'opportunity to demonstrate tolerance, diversity and respect'

With just five days to go until the end of the Sochi Olympics, the rainbow flag is finally flying at the Ontario legislature.

The three elected parties all agreed on Feb. 10 to ask the Speaker for permission to fly the Pride flag, but it wasn't granted until Tuesday, when the legislative session resumed.

The rainbow flag is a long-standing symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and pride.

It's been raised at various city halls and municipal buildings in a sign of solidarity after Russia passed an anti-gay law, including Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton. ``We're joining other municipalities and jurisdictions across Canada and outlining our support for tolerance and equality and expressing concern with some of the policies that we've seen in Russia,'' said government house leader John Milloy.

``I think it's the right cause in light of what's happening in the Sochi Olympics,'' said Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford caused a stir two weeks ago when he voiced his opposition to flying a rainbow flag at city hall, saying the Olympics are ``not about someone's sexual preference.''

Kathleen Wynne - Canada's first openly gay premier - has said that the Olympics are an opportunity ``to demonstrate our tolerance, diversity and respect human rights on an international stage.''

Her office has said she does not support intolerance of any group regardless of their faith or identity, and she rejects the Russian government's discriminatory laws.


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  1. Dean posted on 02/19/2014 12:41 PM
    Hey Wynne, how about showing the taxpayers some respect for the first time in your miserable career and calling an election?
    1. john posted on 02/19/2014 02:08 PM
      @Dean i'm with you. The NDP are gaining everywhere. Time for them to take it and run with it. Taxpayers are fed up with corporations getting all the tax breaks.
      Time we the people fight back as a group
    2. Dean posted on 02/20/2014 09:46 AM
      @john The NDP? Yeah right! What taxpayers are fed up with is constant strikes and a bloated workforce in the public sector driving up our taxes so far that we barely get to keep any of our hard-earned pay.

      The choice is clear, Hudak for Premier!
    3. john posted on 02/20/2014 10:49 AM
      @Dean :) Hudak? yeah right! pffft...
      you want people's wages to be driven down more? wage inequality in our society? If you like the 1% to have more perks and pay less corporate taxes while the rest of hard working people get less and less than Hudak is your guy.
      the rest of us the choice is clear anyone but tea party Tim
    4. Starchild posted on 02/20/2014 12:59 PM
      @john Your'e right. Time to fight back but who you are going to do that? If you vote for another political party then you did nothing. This province/counrty has only one party with three major wings: 1. Communist liberals, 2.Communist conservatives, 3. Communist national democrats. Thay all serve the same master....grow up!!!
  2. Frankie posted on 02/19/2014 12:44 PM
    They should be flying a skull and crossbones flag while the Liberals are in office to remind us of all their "stealing"
  3. john posted on 02/19/2014 01:04 PM
    i could care less about gays and lesbians i just leave them alone .
    1. Jason posted on 02/19/2014 02:53 PM
      @john and their flag should not fly at Queen's Park or any government building.
    2. Edwin posted on 02/21/2014 09:14 AM
      @Jason So you care nothing about what they still struggle with? What are you so afraid of and why are you so concerned about people showing their support for a group that is still very marginalized. Especially in a place like Russia. Should they have fewer rights than you. One who I assume is not gay?

      Wake up!
  4. L. Griffin posted on 02/19/2014 04:41 PM
    I am so sick to death of reading that Wynne is this country's first openly gay premier. I don't care!!!! Ontario doesn't CARE! If that's the extent of her qualifications for being our leader than it's no wonder we're in the mess we're in.
    And I'm sure all of the unemployed in this province and families struggling with sky high hydro bills are thrilled that the most important thing on the Liberals minds is to fly the rainbow flag at Queen's Park.
  5. alex posted on 02/20/2014 02:42 AM
    why we straight people dont have our own flag?
    why dont we have pride for straight people?
    and why is it so important what we eat at home? lol
    keep your shit inside your home and lets all act as a human and make Canada a better country
    1. Edwin posted on 02/21/2014 09:13 AM
      @alex Nice one bone head.

      Have straight people had the same struggles as someone who is gay? No! Are straight people ridiculed only because of their sexual preference? No
      Are straight people being killed in other countries because of their sexual preference. Again, no!

      Back in the days of the Civil Rights movement. Who was marching? Black people who had absolutely 0 rights compared to the whites. So back then, would you have been calling for whites to have their own marches. Just because you thought the support for equality for everyone was wrong?

      Get a life.
  6. Cynthia posted on 02/20/2014 08:40 AM
    You would almost think we had a "gay" premier who is setting the agenda for the province including our education system.
  7. Art posted on 02/20/2014 10:52 AM
    i think a lot of closet queers and lesbos are commenting on here
  8. don was right posted on 02/20/2014 12:12 PM
    so Putin may or may not endorse gay-dom. And out twit leaders think that plying a coloured flag says somethiong. Yesteday 20 people were KILLED in Kiev for their beliefs in feedom and democracy. What flag are we flying for them?

    What a bunch of dumb asses the liberals. and the rest for going alonng with this expression of first world angst..
  9. Starchild posted on 02/20/2014 12:49 PM
    "Her office has said she does not support intolerance of any group regardless of their faith or identity, and she rejects the Russian government's discriminatory laws."
    If this statement is true then why is this flag on the nations institution? You can protest as much you want, however, Russian people have the right to decide about their laws. Their government decided in vast majority over the current law they have and also the vast majority of the Russians supported this law. So what you going to do? Insult the vast majority of Ontarians putting this so called flag on the nations institution which in theory suppose to be free from any ideologies,political views, religion, etc.? I don't care about anybodies sexual orientation but this is really getting too far. Governments building carrying this kind of flag is a straight insult!
  10. Edwin posted on 02/21/2014 09:06 AM
    Seems to be a lot commenting on this news story.
    The arguments made here...well, let's just say there aren't any good ones.

    Rob Fords camp perhaps?
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