OPP conduct search in deleted email investigation

Police look into correspondence surrounding gas plant cancellations

The deleted emails investigation continues, with OPP detectives searching a data storage company in Mississauga Wednesday.

It's all part of a criminal investigation into emails discussing the Mississauga and Oakville gas plant cancellations said to have been wiped from computers at Queen's Park.

This comes a few months after officers searched the premier's office.

OPP spokesperson Sgt. Carole Dionne confirms a search warrant was executed but  isn't getting into specifics when discussing the raid, unable to give information about what was seized.

Dionne also wouldn't speculate the next steps in this investigation or how long it could take.

The investigation into these deleted emails began when Tory MPP Vic Fedeli - then Progressive Conservative energy critic - requested the OPP look into things.

Fedeli says he's not surprised to hear of the search.

He says this just backs up what the Tories have been alleging all along, that staff in the former premier's and energy minister's offices were part of a cover-up regarding the gas plant cancellations.

NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson says Wednesday's search is deeply troubling, given police had to have some lead to get a warrant issued.

In a statement, Kathleen Wynne's office says "Since day one, the Premier has been open and transparent about the Mississauga and Oakville gas plant relocations."

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 02/20/2014 01:15 PM
    The liberals are being investigated for their criminal actions regarding the cover up. What they were covering up is bad enough.. but the fact that they did cover it up now makes it criminal.

    As sad as that is, what is really sad is that voters seem to have no problems at all in voting this government back in with their proven track record of greed, corruption and just plain mismanagement of just about everything.

    Even with the other scandals and the billions that the liberals flushed down the toilet with nothing to show for it, the one thing that gets me the most is their mismanagement of Caledonia. In how many other western, civilized countries would the police force just stand there and watch a guy get beaten almost to death by a bunch of natives, and do nothing? Trust me, if that poor schmuck had even attempted to raise one hand in self defense, the cops would have been all over him, and arrested and charged him. And probably beat him some more for "resisting arrest".

    The current government is not pleasant. Far from it. But people will still vote for them. You can't fix stupid.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 02/20/2014 01:26 PM
      @Angry Bill Amen preacher....
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