Cheers! Toronto will allow alcohol sales during morning Men's Hockey medal games

City Council approves motion to let bars serve booze at 7:00am this weekend

If heading to the bar to crack a brew and hockey at 7:00am is your thing, you should raise a glass to Mike Layton.

The Trinity-Spadina councillor championed a push for pubs to be allowed to turn the taps on early this weekend, as the medal games go in Men's Hockey in Sochi.

"There's something about watching a hockey game with friends -- you're out with friends and strangers and you have a good time ... it's a community sense," he says.

Layton motion cruised to an easy 37-4 victory on the Council floor on Thursday evening.

Mayor Rob Ford opposed the move, saying a stipulation recommended by senior staffers that excludes nightclubs is unfair.

3 Toronto wards will not be allowed to start serving alchohol early.

Those are Willowdale, York-Centre, and York-South-Weston.

Team Canada could play for Bronze on Saturday morning, or gold on Sunday morning, depending on the outcome of its game against the Americans on Friday afternoon.

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  1. Lisa posted on 02/21/2014 06:05 AM
    WOW-bet all the alcoholics are thrilled. Those that go out on Friday night can just keep on partying.
    Note to self--stay off the roads on those mornings.
    Is it just me or is this a really stupid idea?
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