How to Protect Your Home from Flooding

Rain and melting snow and ice expected to cause some localized flooding

With parts of the Greater Toronto Area expected to get as much as 50mm of rain homeowners are being warned to prepare for flooding given all of the melting snow and ice still on the ground. 

The heaviest rain is expected to hit the GTA during the overnight hours Thursday heading into early Friday morning, meaning some residents in areas hit by flooding in the past could be waking up to water in their basements.

So what can you do to protect your home from flooding?  Newstalk 1010’s Amber Gero asked Pete Karageorgos who is the Ontario Manager of Consumer Industry and Relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

“One of the things you want to start with is making sure that water has a place to go rather than gather at the base of your house and foundation.  So, try to clear eaves troughs and downspouts to make sure that water has a place to go away from your house.  Shovel snow away from your house, especially any basement windows.”said Karageorgos who stresses that flooding due to water leaking through your home’s foundation is not covered by your insurance company.

Bruno Levesque of the roofing company Let It Rain says it’s also a good idea to try to clear some snow off of your roof, if it is safe to do so.

“Once all of the rain comes down on top of this snow, it’s going to make quite a mess.  If you can’t do the entire roof, at least try to remove the snow from the bottom three or four feet of the roof so the snow has got somewhere to go, because if it’s not removed it could get trapped and it could back up and create some serious damage.”said Levesque.

Now if there is still a chance for flooding, the Insurance Bureau of Canada suggests you remove any valuables from your basement, and even try raising some of your appliances and furniture off the floor. 

It’s also a good idea to unplug appliances in the basement in case it does get flooded.

If your basement is flooded and there is an electrical risk, experts say do not go into your basement unless you are able to shut off the power first.  


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