LOOK: Nod to opening ceremony gaffe at close of Sochi Games

Delay in ''opening'' final Olympic ring

This time, Sochi got the Olympic rings right. And with a little self-deprecating humor, too.

A group of 700 dancers formed the five Olympic rings Sunday night during the closing ceremony at Fischt Stadium, but delayed forming the fifth ring in a humorous nod to a pyrotechnic snafu during the opening ceremony.

Dancers symbolizing small fish wore flowing, mirrored robes while forming different shapes on the arena floor, including a sea, the infinity symbol and eventually, the rings. Above them, a boat with a clown and a little girl passed in the air.

The crowd cheered when seeing the smaller, filled circle, then roared even more loudly when the dancers spread apart to form the fully-shaped ring.

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  1. DW posted on 02/23/2014 01:05 PM
    Cities with an international focus and perspective have used the games to establish a positive identity to billions

    London, Barcelona, Seoul, Calgary, Turino, Nagano, Vancouver, Sydney and Beijing

    Expo 86, Calgary 88 and Vancouver in 2010 used the events to look outward and to built need infrastructure to engage the world and serve their citizens - new sports venues in Vancouver, more Skytrain and modern infill housing, the C-train in Calgary, Olympic Winter Park, condos and apartments for a growing city, Expo 86 with a modern convention centre and cruise ship terminal legacy from the pavilions, the first legs of Skytrain, renewal of industrial lands --- all engage the citizens and point communities for growth

    Then I almost weep when I look at the perspective we project to the World with Mayor Bootload and his total void of ideas that grow a city and a region .......... imagination is in such short supply

    A narrow suburban mindset accented by missteps, to numerous to count but more than enough to shame most normal people
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