Premier, Toronto's Deputy Mayor to meet Monday

Kathleen Wynne hasn't met with Rob Ford in months

It doesn't look like the passage of time has thawed the frosty relationship between Kathleen Wynne and Rob Ford.

The Premier is scheduled to meet not with Toronto's Mayor, but the deputy mayor at Queen's Park on Monday morning. Norm Kelly's office says they will be discussing "a number of important issues regarding the City of Toronto."

Wynne hasn't met with Mayor Ford since before he admitted to smoking crack in November 2013.

The Premier didn't fulfil a request from Ford's office to meet or chat over the phone about potential provincial help for ice storm recovery. Ford even said he'd be satisfied with a text message exchange. Wynne chose instead to deal with Kelly, whom she identified as the leader of Toronto city council.

In November, councillors voted to strip Ford of most of his mayoral power and transferred them to Kelly.

Wynne and Kelly have allowed about 45 minutes for their latest meeting. They will address reporters in a joint news conference afterward.

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  1. Dapo posted on 02/23/2014 07:44 PM
    Wonder what the 2 unelected phonies will be talking about that's so important. Maybe they'll be talking about what they will be doing when the get voted. Kelly can go to Florida and stay there. Wynne can go to hell.
  2. Capo posted on 02/23/2014 07:48 PM
    VOTED OUT......that is......
  3. Only Common Sense posted on 02/24/2014 05:45 AM
    RE " ... the frosty relationship between Kathleen Wynne and Rob Ford.":

    Why does this station insist on referring to "no" relationship as "frosty"?
    There is no relationship because council properly removed the mayor-in-name-only's meaningful powers (as they should have).

    The premier correctly meets with the person in charge. That is not, nor will it ever again be the disgrace that is Rob Ford.

    This not personal (frosty) ... this is correct procedure.
    1. Jim posted on 02/24/2014 06:22 AM
      @Only Common Sense For the record, your an ass. Proper parliamentary procedure dictates she meet the head of Toronto government, and until Rob Ford is voted out, he IS the head of Toronto government. Mr. Kelly is not. End of story.
    2. Mike posted on 02/24/2014 06:41 AM
      @Jim the only ass in this situation is the effing slob crackhead who effed up big time. instead of working he's effing around on my dime with gangs, driving stoned and doing sht.
      this puke shouldn't be walking the streets never mind meeting people.
    3. Only Common Sense posted on 02/24/2014 07:27 AM
      @Jim Do some reading (if you're able) and you'll come to the realization that you are 100% wrong. The premier of the province is not going to waste her time meeting with someone who has no power to do anything except posture.

      And please note, obvious Ford supporter, that the word you should have used in sentence one was "you're" not "your".
      This shows, sadly, that you are an all too typical Ford supporter ... functionally illiterate, loud and uninformed... just like your "hero".
    4. Cynthia posted on 02/24/2014 08:17 AM
      @Only Common Sense Curious as to which agenda "flip flopping" Stintz will be pushing.
    5. Karl Burgin posted on 02/24/2014 10:45 AM
      @Only Common Sense 1.> Jim is 100% right. And you're 100% delusional.
      What council did was wrong- but the premiere seems ok with it. Since her party has a history of acting in a similar manner. So no harm, no foul right?
      2.> Typical leftie- critiquing grammar instead of focusing on the argument. I'm beginning to wonder if all of you are teachers-- which alone is a whole other topic
      3.>Ford has more face time and people refer to him as mayor over Kelly. I've yet to hear anyone say "Mayor Norm Kelly" in public or the media.

      If Ford is elected again, what is her excuse going to be...
    6. Only Common Sense posted on 02/24/2014 06:05 PM
      @Karl Burgin RE: 1 - Everything done was legal - and necessary. Otherwise it couldn't have happened or mayor-in-name-only would have appealed to a higher authority to try and have it undone. He probably didn't because someone with a reading level higher (that's just about everyone) than his own pointed that it was a "done deal" and completely legal.

      RE: 2 - I am centre right - have always been - and I'm not a teacher. I'm simply someone who appreciates good grammar and sentence structure. Reading the posts here and elsewhere constantly reinforces my comment regarding the "all too typical Ford supporter" and their lack of either skill (with rare exception).

      RE: 3 - ... and your point is what? As is too often the case with you - you run out of arguments very quickly and return to your most often used tactic, namely, deflection.

      As to "If Ford is elected again...", Crawl out of your chief-apologist-for-everything-Ford" role and face the fact that it will never happen again. I stated here over three months ago that Ford couldn't do any better than a poor third place showing in any re-election bid. I stand by that - and will be proven correct.
    7. Karl Burgin posted on 02/24/2014 07:45 PM
      @Only Common Sense 1.> I can argue on the legality of the entire process. But I'm just too tired to write an essay just for you. Instead, I will just argue on the principle.
      Ford was voted as per the democratic process. And as the current process stands, he isn't mayor forever. He is limited to a four year term. If the people approve of his performance, then they will re-elect him. If his personal issues over-shadow his performance, they will vote him out. It's as simple as that. We don't need council intervening as being some sort of "moral" authority. That's a can of worms, believe me, you don't want me delving into, and exposing all the holes.
      2.>I'm not assuming you're a teacher. I actually don't know what you do as a profession. My point here, is that it seems to be a current trait, that when you people can no longer counter, you start to critique grammar and spelling. Angry Bill correctly coined it "grammar nazism".
      The forums here didn't come with spell-check, word formatting, or any of the other bells and whistles found in a Word-suite. You've got one shot to quick edit (if one has the time), and hit "submit". 99% of the time you can excuse the grammar, as long as you understand the point trying to be conveyed.

      So in short, stop critiquing. You yourself said you're not a teacher. So stop trying to be. The last thing you want is to give people the wrong impression.

      3.> point here is, as much as Council wants Kelly to be mayor, it ain't working. Ford is still more of a mayor, than Kelly is as appointed. Council can bypass democracy all it wants, but as it stands, its not much working.

      And to my last point, I was very purposeful when I said "...if Ford wins again." I could've gotten under your skin and said "...when Ford wins", and watch your head swell like a pink balloon.
      But seriously, your "head-in-the-sand" approach to Ford being a viable threat in this race, you seem to take a page out of the same book Adam Vaughn is reading. Because he too believes the same thing. So I guess past instances of when others have tried to tank Ford's jobs numerous times before, and failed, holds no water- right?
      Does the conflict of interest event ring a bell- when you all thought Ford would be gone?
      Or the time when many thought that Ford would never have been elected to begin with?
      Or maybe the time when some twit complained about Ford's budget and had it audited?
      Ford beat them all....and he's still here.

      I cannot predict for sure if Ford will win again- especially given the fact that Tory is now in the race. But Ford has an "X-factor" which you shouldn't discount. Remember, not many other politicians could've have gone through what Ford has, and still be in a respectable state- all things considering.
      Ford still is a force to be reckoned with- and it would be a fool's hope to count him out entirely.
    8. Only Common Sense posted on 02/25/2014 07:12 AM
      @Karl Burgin Your delusion is surpassed only by your verbosity.

      As to your "replies":
      1. You CAN'T " ... argue on the legality of the entire process". Your so-called argument on "the principle" holds no water - it merely repeats the obvious, thus pointing to and reinforcing my point about Ford doing no better than a poor third place showing.
      2 (a). Of course you incorrectly assumed I am a teacher ... stop denying AND deflecting.
      2. (b). Merely mentioning that you rely on spell-check is very telling. "... 99% of the time you can excuse the grammar..." is either lazy or evidence of the veracity of my comment regarding the typical Ford supporters and " their lack of either skill (good grammar and sentence structure). Try proof-reading, Karl.
      3. Your reference to council's actions as "... bypass(ing) democracy" is just silly and worthy of no further comment.

      Your final 150 + words in that "essay" you stated you were too tired to write (my goodness - you love to see yourself inprint) can be summed up pretty quickly again -
      - POOR THIRD - best case scenario.

      Please resist the urge to reply to me again unless you can be much more succinct not to mention logical and accurate in your "thinking".
  4. Cynthia posted on 02/24/2014 08:24 AM
    An unelected premier and a unelected mayor meeting, makes no sense. Wynne is just playing the politics she and McGuinty are famous for.
  5. john posted on 02/24/2014 01:41 PM
    the only reason why she is meeting with kelly is a pussy he will not fight like ford would . ford can not be pushed around . she is a lesbian after all .
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