WATCH: Tory's old Queen's Park colleagues speak about his mayoral aspirations

One minister thinks the former PC leader and Newstalk 1010 host is the right man for the job.

John Tory is a good man and a good candidate.

That's all Premier Kathleen Wynne would offer on the Newstalk 1010 host and former Progressive Conservative leader entering the mayoral race.

Wynne says she doesn't want to comment on a specific candidate, underlining there are good and thoughtful people putting their names on municipal ballots all across the province.

She wishes them all well.

Wynne beat Tory when he ran for a provincial seat in Don Valley West in 2007 but wouldn't offer other mayoral candidates tips on how to beat him.

Meantime, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak wouldn't comment on Tory entering the race. When asked, he said he understands that it's big news but he has a lot of things to talk about to keep the whole province moving.

He offered a strong Ontario needs a strong Toronto but wouldn't say more on the mayoral race.

Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Brad Duguid says Tory will be a strong candidate who people can be proud of, both at home and internationally.

He says he hopes the people of Toronto take the decision of who chould be mayor very seriously.  
NDP leader Andrea Horwath says it's a positive thing to have more people in the race.

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  1. Only Common Sense posted on 02/24/2014 09:16 PM
    All three leaders expressed what was expected and proper ... very little.

    What is interesting is that you can understand both Wynne and Horwath but Howdy Doody only seems able to mumble.
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