Barker: "This is not a bear hunt, this is a bear killing"

Bob Barker is urging the province to stop a proposed spring bear hunt

Bob Barker is speaking out again about the treatment of animals in Ontario.

He is urging the province to put a stop to a proposed spring bear hunt, a practice that was cancelled in 1999.

Minister of Natural Resources David Orazietti says what's happening this year is a proposed pilot project in 8 out of 95 zoned off regions in the province.

Orazietti says this is a question of safety with communities reporting a growing number of bears approaching humans and wandering around towns.

Barker tells Newstalk 1010 that is nothing but an excuse.

"What they should do is pass a law, and enforce it stringently, that you cannot leave food out that attracts bears," Barker says. "Because the ministry has said that these bear-human interactions are caused by food being left out."

He argues that the hunt will result in cubs starving to death when their mothers are killed.

"This is not a bear hunt, this is a bear killing," Barker says.

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